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No Country can really develop unless its citizens are educated.

- Nelson Mandela


Education plays an important part in the building of a nation. Over the years several initiatives and reforms has been taken in India to impart education and install the values of secularism, equality and respect for democracy among the youth.

Education is an integral part of everyone's life and Education sector in India is poised at a crucial stage in its growth. The robust growth in Education Industry is primarily to be filled by private players. The network of Indian education industry today ranks amongst the largest in the world, with more than 1.4 million schools and 35,000 higher education institutes. According to the current rankings, 17 Indian Universities have made it to the list of top 300 Universities in the Asian Continent. The Education Sector in India is at vital stage of growth. The vast diversity in ethnicities coupled with varying demographics has prompted several players to invest in this sector.

It is expected that the Indian Education Sector’s market size will increase to Rs. 602,410 crore by FY’15 from Rs. 341,180 crore in FY’12 with a rapid CAGR rate of 20.87% over the last 3 years thus making it the most favourable and profitable sector for Investors.

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India being one of the largest network of higher education system in the World, comprises about 500 + Universities & over 35,000 Colleges offering education & training facilities in almost all aspects of human creativity & intellectual endeavour.


The Country has an annual enrolment of over 25 million students including distance learning system.


Out of 90 million children in India’s Private School, approx 6 million or 6.7% of the total consists of High Target Audience.


With the increasing number of Educational Institutes, a higher degree of specialization in course content coupled with an increasing number of courses, choosing a right career in terms of college & course has become a serious and tedious affair. Unfortunately due to lack of information & knowledge not many students are able to get it right. Hence, over the last few years educational counsellors have emerged as a major support system to guide students. With their extensive knowledge of schools and universities, educational consultants can broaden the potential choices, and provide vital help in analyzing factors such as cost, location, and curriculum. Also there are many career and personality test developed to know the right attributes of students based on which one can decide the right career choice. With an experienced educational consultant, students and families have the opportunity to explore a wider variety of options to select the most suited career path for them.

India's demographic advantage of having a large population of youth, rising income levels, rapid urbanization, Lack of Guidance and Information coupled with increasing awareness about the importance of quality education have resulted in great demand of Education Consultant. With the increasing role of private sector in setting up educational institutes, especially in the higher education segments, the need for professional and organized education counsellors are bound to grow. The growth of the Indian economy and upward movement of income levels is boosting spend on Education, which already accounts for the second-highest share of wallet for middle-class households. At the same time, Government support for the sector has also seen a boost, with substantial reforms and increased financial outlays being announced and implemented for career counselling. These reforms aim at not only strengthening the sector but facilitating planned expansion of the sector.

The interplay of all these factors has made Education Consulting in India an attractive sector with multiple opportunities.