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ISB&M envisage its PGDM programme as a learning program. The institute considers itself as a community that are defined by three core qualities – inspiring and sharing success, thinking fearlessly and driving total transformation. ISBM Coursesare designed to develop skills, attitude of endurance, independence and rational choice that builds lifelong relationship. Aligning with the three core qualities of ISB&M, the academic learning program through its systems and processes strive to drive transformation among students and develop their vision and ingredient required to achieve it. Academic Learning Programme has following characteristics.

Nande Campus (ISB&M): The ISB&M provides the best PGDM courses in Pune. The syllabus will let the students discover and master their skills. The courses will help the students to become a good influencer in their respective fields. Below is the list of courses in the main campus located in Nande.

Management Program:ISBM Postgraduate Diploma in Management (PDGM): Post Graduate Diploma in Management (PGDM) Programme these programmes are recognized by the All India Council for Technical Education (AICTE), New Delhi 2 Year Dual Specialization Programme

  • Marketing
  • Finance
  • Human Resource Management
  • Insurance Risk Management
  • Supply Chain & Operation Management (Only for Engineers)
  • Media Communication
  • Business Analytics

ISBM PGDM is the best PGDM courses in Pune. The Programme is designed to maximize a student's learning by dividing the PGDM course syllabus into two categories: Core Courses & Elective Courses.

The students should acquire135 credit points to complete PDGM programme. The credit points are divided as 66 credits for core course, 60 credits for elective course, 6 credits for summer internship and 3 credits for dissertation.

The Core courses have Marketing management, Finance Management, Human Resource management, Quantitative Techniques, Business environment, Management Information system, Organizational leadership, Supply chain management, Organizational Behaviour, Managerial economics, Business Law, Business communication, Business Research methodology, Business Analytics, Business Strategy & Policy and Digitalization of Business.

The Elective courses can be picked from any of the specializations like MBA in Finance, Marketing, Human Resource Management (HR), Insurance & Risk Management, Media & Communication and these PGDM courses are equivalent to MBA.

There is also another specialization of MBA in Supply Chain Operation Management, PGDM Equivalent to MBA but only for Engineers.

Specializations offered in ISB&M

Mulshi Campus (ISB&M): There is another campus in Pune at Mulsi that provides ISBM Courses for Postgraduate Diploma in Management. This PDGM program helps students in developing their skills and put their best foot forward. Below are the details of the Mulsi campus courses.

Specializations offered: At ISBM Mulsi campus the program structure is developed in a perfect balance between conceptual and practical skills. It provides various lectures, case analysis, group projects, business simulations, management games to improve the skills of the student. It fosters the development of the following competencies essential for today’s competitive environment.

The institution has introduced a foundation course that ensures the students to have a proficiency level in the fundamental analytical skills. IT skills, Mathematics, Accountancy and Communication Skills are included in that course.

It provides competency skills for today’s competitive environment. The education gives the students Professionalism, Business analytical skills, Decision making skills, Positive attitude, Pro-activeness and Leadership skills

Students are well trained in corporate level for the ISB&M Pune Placement before they get placed.The courses provided by the institution helps the students to build their competencies. The syllabus is designed in a way that students can enhance their learning experience for their bright future ahead.

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