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Jain University is one of the top universities in India. The institute offers 206 Best Programs. Jain University is ranked 5th among the top deemed university in India. Jain University is also well known for its Management Course. The fee structure for this university is designed in accordance to the convenience of student community and the existing standard of the industry.

It aims to build a strong foundation for all business and media aspirants with best academic offerings and services.

Jain University Fee Structure

Kindly note the Jain University Fee Structure of all the Programs below:

UG Programmes
Courses Specialisation Duration Fees per year
B.Com Regular 3 Years 50,000
B.Com Professional 3 years 50,000
B.Com (Honors)
  • Finance,
  • Accounting,
  • Audit and
  • Taxation(FAAT)
4 years 58,333
B.Com (Honors)
  • Investment Banking
  • BA
  • CA
  • IFA
  • RM
  • LSCM
4 years 65,000
B.Com (Honors) (Corporate Finance CPA USA) 4 Years 52,500
BMS Aviation Management 3 years 65,000
BMS International Business 65,000
BMS Financial Services 65,000
BMS Tourism & Hospitality Management 65,000
BMS International Marketing 65,000
BMS International Finance 65,000
BMS Branding & Entrepreneurship 100,000
BMS Leadership & Strategy 70,000
BMS Healthcare Management 53,333
B.Sc Animation 3 years 65,000
B.Sc DFM 65,000
B.Sc Gaming 65,000
B.Sc FS 60,000
B.Sc CMBT/BGBT 41,666
B.Sc PMCS/Renewable Energy 33,333
B.Sc Data Science and Analytics 55,000
B.Sc ID 58,333
B.Sc Medical Lab Technology 60,000
B.Sc Nuclear Medicine Technology 60,000
B.Sc Imaging Technology 60,000
B.Sc Cancer Biology 70,000
B.Sc Virology & Immunology 70,000
B.Sc Psychology 66,666
B.Sc Anaesthesia and Operation Theatre Technology 60,000
B.Sc Cardiac Technology 63,333
B.Sc Foods Nutrition & Dietetics 63,333
B.Sc Hospital Administration 60,000
BCA 3 years
BCA Artificial Intelligence 75,000
BCA Electives 50,000
BCA Data Analytics 65,000
BCA Specialization 65,000
BA OPJ (Psychology, Journalism, and Optional English) 50,000
BA PSE/CPS 3 years 50,000
BA (Honors) Economics 50,000
BA Psychology, Com English and HR & Employee Relations 50,000
BA CD -Animation 108,333
BA CD -Graphic Design 108,333
BA CD -Photography 108,333
BA CD- Game Arts and Design 108,333
BA CD- UI/UX Design 108,333
BA CD- Visual effects 108,333
BA CD- Advertising 108,333
BA Flim and Media 133,333
BA Fashion Design 133,333
B.Tech Aeronautical Engineering 4 years 65,000
Aerospace Engineering 65,000
ECE - Embedded Systems and Industrial IoT / Cellular Technology 56,250
EEE - IOT Energy management / Electric Mobility & Smart Systems 52,500
Mechanical Engineering - 3D Printing / Mechatronics 52,500
Civil Engineering 52,500
Computer Science and Engineering 73,750
Computer Science & Engineering -Cloud Technology and Information Security 73,750
Computer Science & Engineering -Cloud Technology and Mobile Application 73,750
Computer Science & Engineering - Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning 93,750
Computer Science & Engineering (Data Science) 81,250
Computer Science & Engineering (Internet of Things) 73,750
Computer Science & Engineering (Artificial Intelligence) 81,250
Computer Engineering (Software Engineering) 73,750
Information science & Engineering 68,750
Computer Science and Business Systems in association with TCS 86,250
Computer Science & Engineering (Cybersecurity) 93,750
PG Programmes
Course Specialization Duration Fees per year
MA Public Policy & Administration 2 years 50,000
MA English 50,000
MA Economics 50,000
MA Music / Dance (Performing Arts) 50,000
M.Com Electives 62,500
M.Com FA with KPMG 75,000
M. Com with ACCA 90,000
M.Sc Computer Science & IT 80,000
M.Sc Animation 105,000
MCA- Electives 97,500
MCA Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning 130,000
MCA Specialization 120,000
MA Mass Communication 82,500
M.Sc Psychology (Spl. In Child & Adolescent Psychology) 92,500
M.Sc Data Science & Analytics 85,000
M.Sc Forensic Science 110,000
M.Sc Digital Forensics and Information Security 112,500
M.Sc Physics 50,000
M.Sc BT/BC/MB 75,000
M.Tech ( Non CS Branches) 87,500
M.Tech CS Specialization 105,000
M.Sc Chemistry 50,000
M Sc Medical Lab Technology 90,000
M Sc Cellular & Molecular Oncology 90,000
M Sc Molecular Medicine & Stem Cell Technologies 90,000
M Sc Cancer Biology 105,000
M Sc Psychology - Clinical 95,000
M Sc Neuro psychology 95,000
M.sc Clinical Embryology 175,000
MMS Healthcare Management 105,000
M Sc - Hospital Administration 97,500
MA Communnication Design Animation 162,500
MA Communnication Design- Graphic Design 162,500
MA Communnication Design- Game Art and Design 162,500
MA Communnication Design- Visual effects 162,500
MA Communnication Design- Advertising 162,500
MA Communnication Design- UI/UX 162,500
Master of Arts - Fashion Design 200,000
Master of Arts - Film and Media 200,000
Master of Science - Interactive Media and Coding (GAME DEVT & CODING) 162,500
M Design 200,000

Thinking about getting a career which boosts your skills and provides you a global exposure then BBA is for you. BBA in this University gives you a wonderful opportunity to learn Business and its practices. The Jain University BBA Fees is in accordance with the recent standard universities trends.

Program fees include tuition fee along with the facilities like library, projects, mentoring, laptop, Wi-Fi access, industrial visits, value-added programs and others. Fees can be paid through Demand Draft in favor of Jain University or also through its online payment mode. Fees for the desired curriculum can also be paid in installments. The administrative block of the university handles all the payment and scholarship related issues. The courses provided in undergraduate and postgraduate programs are quite affordable for a student. The hostel fee is collected separately from the exam fee for every semester.

Note: Students are required to process the application fee and the registration fee which a one time and non-refundable payment.

JAIN (Deemed-to-be University) provides scholarships in six categories with the goal of encouraging exceptional talent in academics, sports, music, dance, and literature. In addition, candidates with visual, auditory, and other significant physical disabilities are admitted to all courses at the University.

For the scholarship application process, one has to obtain a scholarship form from the admission office. A student can apply for only one scholarship at a time. Scholarship considerations will be based on fulfilling the eligibility application criteria provided before the specified deadline. The applications will be judged on the basis of merit.

Jain University Placements is known to provide excellent support to the students.

Jain University Hostel Fees

Jain University Hostel Fee: The accommodation charges of hostel at this university vary from Rs.90, 000 to Rs.1, 45,000 for boys and girls depending upon four-sharing and double-sharing respectively. The hostel infrastructure at campus is quite good and attractive with green lawns and a beautiful canteen to create memories among students during breaks. It is provided at first come first serve basis. The college hostel is located just 0.5km away from the college campus where they provide college buses for the students as their means of transport. Jain University also provides free Wi-Fi to the students so that they can use it wisely for their studies. Students are not allowed to use their mobile phones in the classroom unless and until it is an emergency.

For more information visit Jain University Admissions

Jain University offers B.tech courses in a variety of specializations. The fee structure varies by specialization and ranges between INR 8 and 15 lakhs.
The fee for the MBA course varies according to the specializations and ranges from INR 9.9 Lakhs to INR 10.5 lakhs.
Yes, Jain University provides scholarship facilities.

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