Kasturba Medical College Fees Structure

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KMC Mangalore Fees

Kasturba Medical College Manipal MBBS and PG Fees (MD):

Kasturba Medical College Manipal Fees
Course (s) Fees/Year
MBBS 17,80,000
MD Anaesthesiology 21,88,000
MD Anatomy 4,95,000
MD Biochemistry 4,95,000
MD Community Medicine 12,60,000
MD Dermatology, Venerology & Leprosy 28,70,000
MD Emergency Medicine 26,50,000
MD Forensic Medicine 4,95,000
MD General Medicine 25,39,000
MD Hospital Administration 17,10,000
MD Immunohematology & Blood Transfusion 19,60,000
MD Microbiology 14,10,000
MD Paediatrics 28,70,000
MD Palliative Medicine 14,10,000
MD Pathology 19,60,000
MD Pharmacology 12,10,000
MD Physiology 4,95,000
MD Psychiatry 21,88,000
MD Radiodiagnosis 33,98,000
MD Radiotherapy 19,90,000
MD Respiratory Medicine 19,90,000
MS General Surgery 25,51,000
MS Obstetrics & Gynaecology 25,51,000
MS Ophthalmology 26,50,000
MS Orthopaedics 28,70,000
MS Oto-Rhino-Laryngology 26,50,000
M.Sc. Clinical Embryology 6,36,000
M.Sc. Forensic Science 1,92,000
M.Sc. Genetic Counseling 1,04,000
M.Sc. Reproductive and Developmental Biology 2,50,000
M.Sc. (Medical) Biochemistry 1,35,000
M.Sc. (Medical) Microbiology 1,35,000
M.Sc. (Medical) Pharmacology 1,24,000
M.Sc. (Medical) Physiology 1,24,000
M.Sc. Reproductive Genetics 2,50,000
MPhil Psychiatric Social Work 1,20,000
DM (Cardiology) 27,93,000
DM (Gastroenterology) 26,72,000
DM (Infectious Disease) 16,60,000
DM (Medical Genetics) 22,10,000
DM (Medical Oncology) 24,30,000
DM (Nephrology) 26,72,000
DM (Neurology) 24,30,000
MCh (Cardiothoracic Surgery) 16,60,000
MCh (Neuro Surgery) 24,30,000
MCh (Paediatric Surgery) 16,60,000
MCh (Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery) 16,60,000
MCh (Urology) 29,14,000
DM (Critical Care Medicine) 16,60,000
MCh (Hand Surgery) 16,60,000
MCh (Paediatric Orthopaedics) 16,60,000
MCh (Reproductive Medicine & Surgery) 16,60,000

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Yes, KMC offers scholarships and financial assistance to eligible students based on merit and need. The college also provides loans and other financial aid options for students who require it.

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