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KNSIT Placements

KNS Institute Of Technology Placement records show that the institute has consistency in its performance with regard to placements. One of the biggest advantages in completing the Bachelors of Engineering programme from KNSIT is its impressive placement support. The college has a very strong placement training programme via its training and placement department.

Being located in Bangalore has given KNSIT a lot of advantage. Bangalore is known all over the world as an IT outsourcing hub. Every year billions of dollars worth of investments find its way into the city. This has fueled the demand for professionally sound engineers. Since the beginning Since KNSIT is an institute committed to delivering quality professionals, many multinational firms like Amazon, Oracle and Accenture among others find the institute a perfect market to get some serious tech talent.

Multinational companies and large indian private firms are at the forefront of the recruitment drive at the institute. Students with good performance both academic and extracurricular have always been a preferred choice for these giants.

Some Of KNSIT Recruiters
Amazon Bosch Dell
Accenture TCS Wipro
Infosys IBM iGate
Oracle Sapient HP

These recruiters are known to be the top recruiters from KNSIT. Landing a job in either of these firms is like a dream come true for most students.

The Student Training Program

KNSIT Placement records are impressive mainly due to the approach adopted by the college as part of the student training programme.

In today's world rather than unemployment, employability has become a much greater concern. Companies are constantly on the lookout for trained and qualified students who require less effort to mould into the roles they need to perform. In other words they have to be job ready. Every single time the academic curriculum is the one that lags behind in incorporating the changes in the economy and the industry. Therefore it becomes imperative that colleges need to incorporate the latest developments in technology, economy and industrial needs at the earliest in order to improve student employability.

The economy does have plenty of jobs to offer and recruiters are constantly on the lookout for students that fit their job criteria or profile. When a company realises that its recruits are not job ready they will have to allocate additional resources, time and money in order to make them competent. Due to this issue many companies are forced to incur huge training expenses or prefer to recruit candidates who have prior experience leading to loss of job opportunities for fresher applicants.

Understanding this job market scenario, KNSIT has devices an extensive placement training Programme in order to upgrade the skills of its students and also help them land great jobs. The focus has been on three main components:

  • Soft Skills Training
  • Placement Preparation
  • Certification Programmes

All students at KNSIT are made to undergo extensive Soft Skills Training to improve their communication skills, grooming, personality and etiquette etc. This largely helps with improving their confidence and also helps them in effectively interacting with others.

KNSIT has taken it one step further by collaborating with leading entities that help provide Certification Programmes in relevant domain areas needed to enhance professional skills of students. These programmes are largely subsidized by the College there by making it more affordable to students.

Finally, students are made to undergo an intensive placement preparation. Here they get trained in preparing their resume, participating in personal interviews and group discussions(GDs). Personal Interviews and mock GD are regularly conducted. Video recording of the same is done for evaluation purposes.

As part of guidance many renowned HR professionals from the top firms are invited to the campus which gives students a chance to interact with them and understand the expectations of companies. Guest Lectures also play an important role in guiding students on how to prepare for landing their dream jobs. Due to the efforts of the management in the field of placements, KNS College Of Engineering Bangalore Reviews have gained a lot of support.

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