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LLM in Bangalore

LLM Courses in Bangalore are provided by the most eminent colleges that aim to become internationally recognized center of academic excellence in legal education. The colleges in Bangalore caters to the academic needs of all their students and also to the social needs of all the other stakeholders.

The teaching staff of the colleges strive continuously to create and proactively generate a deeper understanding of legal policies among the student community. The teachers not only foster excellent subject knowledge but also train the students to transfer the acquired knowledge for the greater benefit in the society. Students are also induced with the professional ethics, etiquettes and values.

Students seeking LLM Admission in Bangalore should know that LLM in Bangalore is offered with a wide range of specializations. A few popular LLM Specializations along with their learning outcomes is summarized below.

LLM Specializations

LLM Specialization Learning Objective or Outcome
Constitution Law Enable the students to learn the roles, powers and structure of different entities within a state or a country,understand the parliament, judiciary and the constitutional policies
Family Law Become experts of family matters and domestic relationships and deal with disputes such as intrafamily property dispute, divorce, child harassment etc.
Human Rights Understand the basic rights that the citizens are entitled to. This specialization strongly deals with the ethics of humanity and morality.
Insurance Law Foster expertise in insurance policies of various kinds, their rules, terms conditions, liability and claim etc.
Taxation Law Make the students understand the firms such as legitimate, common law, statutory tax, treaty and regulatory rules concerned to payment of tax.
Corporate Law This specialization allows the students to understand the rights, relations and conduct of persons and various kinds of businesses in commerce, merchandising, sales and trade.
Criminal Law Makes the students experts in terms of legal policies involved in activities that cause intentional injury such as threat of life, damage of property or physical harm, endangering to the property robbery, theft, murder etc.
Intellectual Property Law Students learn the statutes, treaties, systems, customary and common laws concerned to the human activities that affect the well being of the natural environment which is very much essential for the well being of the society.
International Trade and Business Law Certain legal rights pertaining to the intellectual work of any individual such as inventions, discoveries, creative works and designs etc. are dealt in this specialization.
Jurisprudence It is also popularly known as Legal Theory. It is the theoretical study of law framed by the philosophers and also the social scientists.

The colleges in Bangalore are located in a beautiful and expansive campus environment. These colleges cater world class legal education not only to the Indian aspirants but also to the candidates of various parts of the world.

The colleges’ boast of matchless infrastructural amenities in addition to the well furnished digital lecture halls, well resourced libraries and information center with high speed internet connectivity, Wi-Fi enabled campus, spacious conference rooms and auditoriums and above all, a conductive academic environment to understand and explore the beauty of Legislative Law.

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Bangalore is the educational leader in India, with IISc Bangalore ranking among the top 200 institutes in the QS World University Rankings. Bangalore has a prestigious college for every subject in the country. ...... If you want to study law, Bangalore is without a doubt the best place to go.
National Law school of India, Christ University, Reva, and many more
The candidate should complete their Bachelor's in law with a minimum of 45 % and should attend CLAT Exam to get into the best college
According to the pattern, The exam will be on 13th June 2021
1,23,600 Per year is the fees for LLM In National Law School of India (NLSIU)
You must take the AILET ( All India Law Entrance Test ) to be admitted to NLU. While NLU does not offer management quota seats, you can get direct admission to the BBA LLB program at NLU under management/ NRI quota seats.
After completing your LLM You have a wide range of jobs opportunities waiting for you such as Consultancies, Corporate, courthouses, finance And Law Firms
The duration, of the LLM course, is two years

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