Securing Tomorrow's Future


When your child is away from home, you will want to know that they are safe and doing well. offers a guardianship service to monitor a student’s progress and well-being, and report to parents in their language.

Before and when student arrive

  • Arrange for pick up from airport/railway station/bus stop, if required.
  • Arrange the pre-arrival communication and booklet.
  • Welcome Orientation after you arrive in the city to tell you more about the lifestyle, customs, and school life.

Help student to settle in

  • Assistance with finding new accommodation.
  • Arrange for a mobile SIM Card.
  • Assistance with opening bank account.
  • Arrange for doctor/hospital visits when and if required.
  • Assistance to identify a General Practice Doctor.
  • Arrange the best deal on air ticket costs with the local and international travel agencies during the holiday break period.
  • Regular communication with student by phone/email.
  • Assistance to communicate on behalf of students with student’s education provider relating with any concerning issues.

Look after student while studying

Look After
  • Provide regular updates to parents regarding academic performance of their child, attendance, exam results and class teacher / faculty review about the child.
  • General feedback to parents.
  • Assistance to communicate between College, parents and students if required.
  • 24/7 emergency contact hotline and emergency assistance. We reach out to your child within 4hours of the incident.
  • Arrangements/assistance for parents to come to visit their children, for example: airport transfer, accommodation arrangement, college visit (Note: we only provide information regarding third party service to parents, they are liable for all bills).

Subscription Plans

Our Subscription plans are listed below. Click on the plan that suits your need to register your child.

There is a onetime registration charge of INR 999 for all the plans.



  • Personal counselling
  • Food guide
  • Local shopping guide

INR 2100 Per Month

  • Monthly attendance details
  • Results and academic performance reports
  • General feedback from college and friends
  • Representing as local guardian in college