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M. Arch Colleges in Bangalore

To begin with we first need to know what is all about architecture, it is an occupation of planning and designing buildings, communities, open areas, man-made constructions and artificial environments. It is the art and science of planning and designing physical structures, the broad definition of this consists of the overall built environment from the large scale of urban planning, design and countryside architecture to the local scale and in detail. The architectural planning is essentially driven by state of art creativity. At a time when it is voguish to say, architecture all and everything from science to philosophy to theory to art.

The architectural creativity consists of the space, texture, volume, shadow, light, program and materials. Logical and realistic segments like cost, technology and construction just in order to gain a result that is aesthetic, useful and creative. This shows the difference between architecture and engineering courses that is generally operated by the innovative application of arithmetic and technology principles. The vast concepts and ideas composed by the architect are a threat for the modern environment of living, thinking and working. People need architecture to be a part of the critical changes that are influencing their lives and simply not make it to be a backdrop for them.

The technological method is practiced by the architects to investigate experiment and build concepts on innumerable extents that are required to create a building. The levels they achieve include interpreting the surroundings from an environmental, ancient, stylistic and architectural point of view. And determine progressive areas that need enhancement like; interior design, mechanical, structure, fire hydrant/ protection, electrical, technological, plumbing and security systems.

Master of Architecture [M. Arch] is a professional degree in Architecture, qualifying the graduate to move through the various stages of professional accreditation that result in receiving a license. The course is 2 years in duration, the course is designed to improve and enhance the thinking ability of students in architectural design and help them explore design techniques beyond traditional methods.

Why M. Architecture in Bangalore?

The M.Architecture in colleges in Bangalore is top notch, as the city itself has developed so much in terms of infrastructure, style, technology etc. Bangalore is one of the best cities to pursue any course and set the future right. The colleges of M. Architecture in Bangalore are less as compared to other master courses, but they are among the best institutions in India.

Apart from having prominent impact on Technology, Bangalore is also well known for the quality of education it provides. Here are some reasons why it is great choice for students looking for M. Arch Colleges in Bangalore are as follows:

Student Facilities:

Bangalore is a city sprouting with top ranking colleges, it also indulges with some of the best student amenities ranging from spacious campus, well equipped classrooms, libraries and Laboratories, canteen, hostel and well fasten transport system. Hence, M. Arch colleges in Bangalore will be the finest choice to study in.

Availability of Top colleges:

In addition to the fact some of the top M. Arch colleges are continuously ranked by the ranking websites, both in India as well as in abroad. Bangalore is one of the finest places as the students all over the globe come to study as the city is full of students focused on their career.

Job Opportunities:

M. Arch colleges in Bangalore give eminent opportunities when it comes to getting hired by top companies. It is city with many towering of the top MNC’s and many growing startups. You can get placed easily if you study in one of the top M. Arch colleges in Bangalore.

M. Arch Colleges in Bangalore Ranking

M.Arch Colleges in Bangalore are quite popular across the globe. Having plenty of job opportunities, Bangalore is one of the foremost places where you can pursue your aspiring career in M. Arch. There are many top colleges to opt and hence we have categorized a list of Top M. Arch colleges in Bangalore.

Is M. Arch a good career?

As an upright profession with the opportunity to start your own business with entrepreneurship, architecture is an excellent and attractive career choice for artistic and innovative minds. Architecture may sound unique but one need lots of other skills like Math, Physics and strong Social skills to be successful in this field. Besides Master of Architecture, one can opt Master of Urban Design, Master of Design (Industrial Design), Master of Planning (Environmental Planning/ House/ Regional Planning/ Transport Planning/ Urban Planning), Master of Landscape Architecture, Master of Building Engineering and Management.

M. Arch Admissions in Bangalore 2021

Eligibility Criteria:

  • The candidate must hold a Bachelor’s of Architecture degree [B. Tech] from a recognized university.
  • 10+2 pass with a minimum of 50% aggregate.

Admission Procedure: [Entrance Exams]

1. GATE- Graduate Aptitude Test in Engineering is conducted jointly by IITs and the Indian Institute of Science. The minimum eligibility to take the test is graduation.

2. CEED- Common Entrance Examination for Design is conducted jointly by the Indian Institute of Science and IITs.

Is there scope for Architects in the future?

There is towering demand for the Architects with knowledge of green design, also called as sustainable design, are expected to continue. Improved Building Information Modeling (BIM) software and measuring technology are expected to increase architect’s productivity. Architects earn excellent wages. Many architects go on to start up their own architectural firms, where they have the freedom to design what they love and build significant and complex structures that can resonate with a community.

M. Arch Course Highlights

There is different specialization that a student can choose in the M. Arch course. Some of the on-trending specializations include:

  • Landscape Architecture
  • Urban Design
  • Rural Architecture
  • Regional Architecture
  • Environmental Architecture
  • Town and Country Planning
  • Sustainable Architecture
  • Transportation Planning & Design

The syllabus for the course is designed according to the curriculum regulated by the council of architecture. The syllabus is divided into 4 semesters for 2- years. Each semester has 6 mandatory subjects and candidate can opt an elective subject during the session. In the final year of the course, students should complete their thesis and dissertation on any specialized subject. The syllabus of the course includes as follows:

Semester 1:

  • Contemporary architecture: theories & trends
  • Urban conservation and practice
  • Urban design studio
  • Traditional and contemporary
  • Sustainable and green building design
  • Landscape ecology and planning

Semester 2:

  • Contemporary architecture 2
  • Urban landscape design
  • Services in high rise buildings
  • Performance evaluation of buildings
  • Advanced architectural design studio 1
  • Web design and portfolio production

Semester 3:

  • Research methodologies in architecture
  • Emerging practice in housing
  • Advanced architectural design studio 2
  • Architectural and critical theory
  • Sustainability and energy conservation in landscape architecture
  • Dissertation

Semester 4:

  • Building management and control systems
  • Building information modeling
  • Appropriate technologies and sustainable construction
  • Material conservation
  • GIS modeling in urban planning
  • Thesis
There are elective subjects in each semester. Students can opt their preference for the elective subjects during each semester. The elective subjects are as below:
  • Project Management
  • Housing
  • Advanced landscape design
  • High rise buildings
  • Futuristic architecture
  • Resource conserving architecture
  • Low cost buildings design and techniques

M. Arch Fee Structure in Bangalore

The average course fee for M. Arch course ranges approximately from INR 60,000 to INR 2.6 lakh per annum depending on the respective specialization of the course and as well as upon the mode of entrance exam. The Council of Architecture in India releases the curriculum and professional applications of the field.

Take a quick glance of few colleges and their fee structure which are as follows:

Sl. No. M. Arch Colleges in Bangalore Fees/ year
1 R.V College of Architecture INR 1,28,780/-
2 BMS College of Architecture INR 1,28,000/-
3 SJB School of Architecture INR 1,28,000/-
4 Gopalan school of Architecture INR 1,28,000/-
5 University Visvesvaraya College INR 1,19,000/-

M. Arch Career Options and Job Prospects

M. Arch course improves the ability of thinking and adds experience and knowledge to a candidate. Candidate with M.Arch degree can reach at a professional level. Following are the some of the career options for M. Arch candidate:

  • Design Architect
  • Landscape Architect
  • Project Architect
  • Senior Project Architect
  • Urban Planner
  • Assistant Professor

What is the Salary of M. Arch?

Average starting salary one can expect to earn anything between 4Lakh- 6Lakh per annum, the salary increases gradually with experience. The salaries vary widely, with private companies paying more than the Government sector to hire proficient architects.

  • R.V. College of Architecture
  • BMS College of Architecture
  • Ramaiah Institute of Technology
  • IMPACT School of Architecture
  • li>Acharya’s NRV School of Architecture
  • GS School of Architecture
  • RNS School of Architecture
  • School of Architecture, Christ University
  • li>CMR University of Architecture
  • Nitte School of Architecture Planning & Design
Salary of a fresher starts from 4 to 6 lpa.
Yes there are few entrance exams like: GATE, CEED, etc.
The fee ranges between INR 60,000 to INR 2.6 lakh depending upon the specialization of the curse.
  • Students should have a bachelor degree (B-Tech) from a recognized university.
  • They should score a minimum 50% aggregate in the bachelor’s degree.
You can work for government organization, consultancies, and architect firms.
Per year fees of M. Arch Course:-
  • R.V. College of Architecture- INR 1,28,780
  • SJB School of Architecture- INR 1,28,000
  • University Viswesvaraya College- INR 1,19,000
  • content
Project Management, housing, high rise buildings. Etc.
Design architect, urban planner, assistant professor, etc.
M. Arch degree requires a duration of 2 years.

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