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AECS Maaruti Dental College Review

Amrith Educational & Cultural Societies are the two bodies under whose management there exists a number of institutes from schools to colleges. They also manage training institutes in the country. Maaruti Dental College Bangalore falls under the control of these societies. These societies had their humble beginnings in the years 1982 and 1973 with the vision of imparting high quality holistic form of education. Training students into professionals having a humanitarian approach to solving problems is one of its biggest goals.

The dental college was set up in the year 1992. From the start the college had its eyes on cultivating an excellent moral code of conduct and imparting students a sense of professionalism with proper guidance and proper mentorship. The rules set by the Dental Council of India (DIC) are followed strictly without fail. The college boasts state of the art infrastructure and facilities. The management focuses on creating a stress free learning atmosphere at the institute. The college also has a very strict policy against ragging and takes action against all that violate it. Applications are on the rise, a very strong indication that AECS Maaruti Dental College Admissions are getting competitive every year.

The dental college is an institute recognized by the Government of India and affiliated to the Rajiv Gandhi University of Health Sciences in Bangalore. The college offers its students BDS and MDS programs with five specializations to choose from in the MDS programs. Maaruti Dental College Reviews are one of the best among dental colleges.

Maaruti Dental College Academics :

On the academic front the college has done remarkably well. The college has a reputation for getting its students groomed to become excellent dental practitioners. Over the years the college has gained a lot of ground in terms of quality of professionals that have passed out from the campus.

Maaruti Dental College Infrastructure :

Furthermore the college boasts infrastructure that rivals the best in the field. It has taken great care at making sure that it continuously updates its infrastructure in line with progress in technology. Students are bound to be surprised with the kind of facilities and equipment the college has at their disposal.

Maaruti Dental College Fees Structure :

The college has completed nearly three decades since its establishment. This has given it a powerful and well settled alumni network with roots in private and public oral health care establishments. Students can connect with these personalities and possibly carve out a career via their reference. After the completion of their course students can set up dental clinics on their own should they choose to take the path of entrepreneurship.

With the rise in the requirement for skilled dental practitioners, private oral health care clinics are on a hunting spree. This offers aspiring practitioners a big opportunity to earn a significant amount by way of salary. For all the following reasons AECS Maaruti Dental College Fees on its programs are justified.

Maaruti Dental College Hostels :

The college provides great accommodation with really well kept hostels. Girls and boys have separate hostels with mess facilities. These hostels are located within the campus for the safety of its students and to reduce the time required for commuting. The messes are hygienically maintained and serve healthy vegetarian cuisine. The campus is under the surveillance of CCTV cameras for an added layer of security.

Maaruti Dental College Faculty :

The college managed to pull off one of the hardest things from most colleges in the medical field and that is the maintenance of a well qualified, procedurally experienced and a proficient staff. The good faculty at the college has contributed a great deal at making AECS Dental College a runaway success.

Maaruti Dental College Campus Life :

The campus is very diverse in terms of culture, religion and backgrounds of people. Overall the quality of life enjoyed by students on campus is great. Students get to understand the needs and requirements of patients and learn to associate with them from a humanitarian point of view.

Maaruti Dental College Ranking :

Maaruti Dental College Rankings have been on the rise consistently over the years. The college has kept in line with its vision by adding to the facilities, infrastructure and making positive changes on various other fronts.

For detailed information about AECS Maaruti Dental College Admission call +91 8951993708.

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