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Best MBA Colleges In Chennai

MBA Colleges In Chennaiis a course that has been held in high regard for years. Towards the turn of the millennia, Masters of Business Administration (MBA) became one of the most preferred postgraduate programs among students. With the rise in academic inflation and a need for specialists in the business world, the MBA programme has become a runaway success. That being said there are hundreds of colleges in the country that provide the programme. But the success with taking up the course depends to a great extent on the college that provides it.

The Executive MBA In Chennai is also quite famous throughout the country. It has been recognized well by the student community and the industry. Some of the top universities in the country are located in Chennai. The metropolis is among the most important ones in the country and south India.

India has been on an expansive drive ever since economic liberalization in 1991. This has attracted a huge amount of investment into the country from abroad. Sectors like IT and services have seen a particularly high scale of expansion and have contributed immensely to the country’s financial security and health.

Some of the Best MBA Colleges In Chennai

  • Great Lakes Institute Of Management, Chennai
  • Vel Tech High Tech Dr.Rangarajan Dr.Sakunthala Engineering College, Chennai
  • Sairam Institute Of Management Studies, SIMS, Chennai
  • Loyola Institute Of Business Administration, LIBA, Chennai
  • ITM Business School, Chennai
  • Bharath University - Bharath Institute Of Higher Education And Research, BIHER, Chennai
  • Easwari Engineering College, EEC, Chennai
  • IIKM Business School, Chennai
  • Measi Institute Of Management Royapettah, Chennai
  • M.O.P. Vaishnav College For Women, Chennai

Why study an MBA in Chennai?

Madras or Chennai is a very old city with several institutions established in the colonial era. The city is also well received in India as a destination for education. With its massive manufacturing and services industries, the need for specialists in the Management space is high giving MBA postgraduates a great chance at landing jobs.

As with any other course of study, it is very important to decide which college to choose for completion of the MBA programs since degrees from great colleges yield better industrial reception for postgrads. Plus the packages offered by companies depend a lot on the college the candidate has gone to.

Furthermore, Tamil Nadu is among the most industrialized states in the country. This has helped it retain a lot of talent that comes out of its institutions.

MBA Colleges In Chennai Ranking

It is a well-known fact that the quality of education to a great extent depends on the rank of college and vice versa. Looking at the colleges that have ranked on the top one can understand that these institutes have a couple of things in common and ranking of MBA Colleges In Chennai is primarily depends on the parameters like Investment into infrastructure, the quality of teaching faculty along with their qualification, experience and expertise, the records of placements, average salaries drawn by students among others.

Good MBA colleges are known for really great placements and median salaries drawn by their students. These colleges have campuses that are usually the hunting ground for large corporations and MNCs.

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MBA Admission In Chennai

Chennai has about 150 MBA colleges out of which the large majority of them are privately owned, more than 90%. The top colleges in this list feature as some of the best colleges for MBA in the entire country. They are known for their high quality of education and great placement track records. Over the years these institutes have grown in significance and have managed to attract some of the best minds in India to become a part of the success story of Chennai.

For MBA Admission In Chennai, the rules are quite similar throughout the nation. Once the candidate meets the eligibility criteria like graduation from a recognized university and a valid score they are eligible. On top of this, they are required to have a good score for the admissions test like CAT or MAT or any other private entrance tests that are subject to the changes with changes in college.

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MBA Colleges in Chennai Placements

Placements in MBA Colleges Chennai is pretty up to the mark as it is one of the metropolitan cities with a wide range of job opportunities in well-known and leading companies that offer placement. MBA graduates have always been seen as those that have ranked in the best packages in the industry. The pay rise is pretty evident when moving from a graduate-level degree to a postgraduate. This is more true in the case of an MBA than with any other post-graduation.

The MBA graduates salaries vary depending on the type of company that has recruited the individual and also on the type of specialization he or she has taken. Those specializations in the financial domain tend to have a much higher salary attached to it compared to others. Generally, the top MBA colleges in Chennai have had the privilege of seeing recruitment done at its campuses by the top of the line companies especially MNCs.

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MBA Colleges in Chennai Fees

The Masters in Business administration is a course that has a high fee when taken from the top colleges in the country. Although that is the case students have for years have never seen this as an impediment due to the great packages offered during placements. MNCs are almost always first in line when it comes to recruiting from these institutes and are willing to pay top dollar for high-quality postgraduates.

Unlike the BBA programme, the MBA is expensive but creates better prospects for individuals with a degree. The fee for the programme varies widely from college to college. The course fee also depends on the type of specialization opted by students. MBA Colleges in Chennai Fees has a wide range as there are colleges with low fee, moderate fee and high MBA fees in Chennai.

Note: MBA Fees are subject to change. For a more accurate figure contact IESOnline

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MBA Course In Chennai

MBA Course In Chennai is a highly regarded course for most applicants after successful completion of their graduate programme. Applicants can be graduates with commerce, art or technical background. MBA for years has been a preferred course of choice for a wide variety of reasons. First of all the economic benefits of having the title of MBA graduate then comes the increased potential for growth no matter what organization. Just like the BBA programme, an MBA can open up a large number of opportunities for students by way of specializations.

A course is a great option for those who wish to grow in terms of career and knowledge. Several fields require a still larger number of specializations and hence opens up a plethora of opportunities.

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Chennai is one of India's most popular destinations for MBA students. Some of the best business management institutions in Chennai offer a two-year Master of Business Administration programmer.
MBA in Finance is the best for your career
Yes there is some Entrance exam to get into MBA College in Chennai
TANCET MBA, MAT, CAT, XAT, CMAT are some of the Entrance exams accept by MBA
28 November 2021 is the CAT exam
MBA Finance salaries in India average Rs. 678,000 per year. With more practice and expertise, the pay rises. Top recruiters for MBA Finance candidates include EY, HDFC Bank, Accenture, TCS, and ICICI Bank.
It will cost From 50,000 to 4 Lakhs per year to do MBA in Chennai
Project Manager, Assistant Human Resources Manager, Relationship Manager, and Marketing Manager
When compared to an MBA degree, the total cost of a CA certification is lower. Just 3-5 percent of candidates out of 100 can apply to become CAs. A successful job is obtained by 90-95 percent of candidates who enroll in an MBA program.

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