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Top MBA Colleges In India Reviews

Ranking Of MBA Colleges In India reveals to students the order of strength. The best colleges for management in India are a really sought after lot among aspiring business students. MBA is fast becoming a popular choice for students due to the job prospects it offers. The average salaries of skilled business graduates have been on the rise. This is yet another reason for the increasing number of applications to the different specializations in MBA. Moreover the new growth areas like analytics, big data and artificial intelligence require a whole new level of skills and hence has resulted in the rise of related MBA programmes. These fields are considered to be emerging fields and hence have a great potential for growth.

Let's look into some of the Top MBA Colleges In India Reviews:


In terms of academic performance, these management collegescan be compared to the best international universities. For an institute to remain relevant in ranks, its academic performance is fundamental. The top level management institutes spend a tremendous amount of time and effort into moulding its students to be academically and industrials sound. They are taught to practically apply what they learn in theory. These colleges usually focus a great deal on the experiential learning process.


Management colleges have one of the best hostels. Accommodations are well maintained, hygienic and available in a wide variety of options like AC, non AC, single and double sharing etc. The messes are usually managed by professionals who deliver cuisine that meets regional standards. The accommodations and messes can be compared to those given by international colleges.


The Best MBA Colleges In India have been able to deliver consistent performance mainly due to the quality of education provided. Which has a great deal to do with the quality of the teaching faculty at these institutes. They are highly qualified, competent and well equipped to handle the teaching challenges of today's world. Teachers focus on imparting knowledge by employing a very practical approach to solving problems or challenges.


Infrastructure wise MBA colleges are second to none. These institutes shell out a ton of money each year to remain updated in terms of technology, amenities and all other factors that would help improve the standards of its students. These colleges boast a solid infrastructure that rival even the best colleges abroad. They have well equipped libraries, presentation rooms, auditoriums, sports and recreational facilities and much more.


The placement scenario in these colleges can be described as a picture filled with roses. The placements department in these colleges is where a large number of students have successfully gotten into the best companies in India and abroad. It is where the great Indian dream materialises. Over the past couple of years the overall placement scenario of Best MBA Colleges In India have been positive with an increase in average salaries and unheard of top packages being awarded to its students. Overall the placement stories at these institutes are positive.

Fees Structure:

MBA programmes can be quite expensive for most students. But loans can help them get over the capital barrier temporarily until they land a job. Since the placement results of these colleges are pretty spectacular one would be convinced about early fee payment. This is because the average salaries are high enough to make the returns on investment extremely attractive. Most of the MBA colleges in the top command a similar fee structure with only a small variation in fee range for the same courses. Generally the higher the fee, students are expected to gain better results by way of campus placements.

Campus Life:

A broad minded approach to everything is quite common in these colleges. These campuses have everything that takes it to be a great experience for its students. Beautiful, culturally diverse, peaceful, academically conducive and world class are some words use to describe such campuses. The infrastructure, amenities and everything else is admirable.


These MBA colleges have been ranked among the top management colleges in the country. They fiercely guard their respective positions by maintaining all performance based track records and by continuously updating their strategies.

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