Mc Kenzie's Classification Of Intelligence

Walter McKenzie's "Multiple Intelligences Survey" (McKenzie 1999).

Walter McKenzie:- A teacher and author illustrate how multiple intelligences curriculum can lead to success in traditional standardized assessments, even for at risk students.

The way to determine what intelligences are in play is to identify the objective of the task at hand. Walter McKenzie.

According to Mckenzie there are three domains that serve as an organizer for understanding the fluid relationship of the intelligences and how the intelligences work with one another.

The Domains are Analytic, Interactive and Introspective

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The Interactive Process

The interactive event is an engaging activity that serves as an impetus for further investigation. This can be an immersion in data, a real-world experience, or participation in a classroom activity that leads students to identify a problem they need to address. A well-designed interactive event will inspire students to want to dig deeper, discover answers, and find resolution for the identified problem. The interactive domain consists of the verbal, interpersonal, and kinesthetic intelligences. These are the intelligences that learners typically employ to express them and explore their environment.

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The Introspective process

The introspective process affords students the opportunity to filter their own feelings, values, and attitudes and to explore the impact that the problem (and a possible solution) has on their school and/or the larger community. A constructivist approach to this would be identifying criteria for evaluating solutions to a problem before actually exploring possible solutions.

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The Analytic Process

The Analytic Process charges the students to identify and evaluate possible solutions to the problem presented. Involving students in cooperative groups within the classroom or from multiple schools or classrooms ensures a rigorous process of investigation and evaluation. The analytical domain consists of Logical, Musical, and Naturalist Intelligence.

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