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MGM College Fee Structure

MGM Medical College Aurangabad Fees is designed by the accounting department which is MCI approved. The fees includes infrastructure, computer with internet facility, labs, university fee, exam fee, etc. For outstation students alongside costs associated with the course, they will also need to factor in living expenses such as accommodation, food and travel.

Hostel: Hostel accommodation is provided to students on the basis of availability of seats. The hostel has study halls, sick room, visiting room, mess and laundry room for the students. Hostel fee is required to be paid with the hostel admission form.

Mess is available and students can eat only in the mess halls. They cannot choose their room partner or room. The management can increase or decrease the fee amount every year.

Ragging is strictly prohibited in the hostel campus. If students found indulging in any such activities they will be expelled immediately.

If students want to cancel the hostel admission:

  • If students applied to cancel admission within 3 months of admission and stayed even one day, 25% hostel fees will be deducted and remaining amount will be refunded
  • If they cancel after3 months of hostel admission, 100% fees is deducted.

Hostel fee (per year):

  • NRI quota-60,000/-
  • Management quota- 60,000/-
MGM Medical College Aurangabad Fee Structure 2020
Course (s) 1st Year Fees NRI (USD $) 1st Year
MBBS 2,160,500 -
MD Specializations
Anatomy 700000 -
Anaesthesiology 2500000 -
Biochemistry 700000 -
Community Medicine 700000 -
Dermatalogy 3500000 $ 93750
Emergency Medicine 2500000 -
General Medicine 3000000 $ 87500
MD. Anaesthesiology 2500000 81477
MD. Radiology 3500000 $ 93750
Microbiology 700000 -
Pathology 1500000 -
Pediatrics 3000000 $ 87500
Pharmacology 700000 -
Physiology 2,160,500 -
Radiology 2500000 -
Respiratory Medicine 2500000 $ 81477
Psychiatry 2500000 $ 81477
MS Specializations
ENT 2500000 -
General Surgery 3000000 $ 87500
Obstetrics & Gynaecology 3000000 $ 87500
Ophthalmology 3000000 $ 87500
Orthopaedics 3000000 $ 87500
Trauma 2500000 -
MPT 330,000 -
Mc.H, DM Specializations
DM Cardiology 1,200,000 -
DM Nephrology 1,200,000 -
MCh CVTS 700,000 -
MCh Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery 700,000 -
M.Ch. Urology 2,700,000 -

*Please note that the fees are subject to change. For further details please call us on 09743277777.

Before taking MGM Medical College Aurangabad Admission, students need to be fully aware of all the costs that are involved.

For further details on MGM Medical College Aurangabad Admission visit IESOnline.

The total MBBS fees for one year at MGM Medical College, Aurangabad is 2,160,500.
The MD Psychiatry fee is 2,50,0000

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