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As a constituent of the MS Ramaiah Group of Institutions, MSRM hardly needs any introduction. The management school has all the potentials to shine alone amid the best management schools in India. MS Ramaiah Institute of Management Review throws light on many significant features of the school. Students often take the support of the reviews to understand the nature of the actual services offered by the school they are approaching. Reviews are the experiences of the alumni of the school. Sometimes, knowledge partners, associate members etc. also express their working experiences with the school.

Some of the salient features of the school, extracted from the MSRIM Reviews, are as follows:-

Research & Development:

The management school promotes and performs Research & Development activities to keep their practices updated. Faculty development programs, faculty publications, faculty presentations, students publications, students presentations, conferences, workshops, seminars- all are part of their elite research and development practices of the school. The R&D initiatives of the school aim to maintain the seamless flow of knowledge among the students and faculty members and to raise the bar of the management education in India.

MSRIM Affiliations:

MSRIM Reviews tells about the bunch of affiliations MSRIM have achieved through its hard work and dedication towards management education in India.

  • Bangalore Management Association (BMA).
  • National Institute of Personnel Management (NIPM)
  • Federation of Karnataka Chambers of Commerce and Industry (FKCCI)
  • Confederation of Indian Industry (CII)
  • Association of Indian Management Schools (AIMS)
  • All India Management Association (AIMA)
  • Institutional Membership with IIM – B
  • British Council Library (BCLB) etc.

All these affiliations and related supports have boosted both input and output of the school.

Alumni Network:

Alumni Network of the school plays a significant role in materializing successful 'MS Ramaiah MBA Placement' practices. Alumni help the school to utilize all networks and channels of the employment world for the benefit of the students.

State of the art Infrastructure:

The state of the art infrastructure obtains all the facilities required for the comprehensive development of the students. The management has developed 'MS Ramaiah Institute of Management Fee Structure' considering the facilities offered by it.

  • Pro-active technology-assisted Classrooms: Classrooms are built keeping in mind creating the conducive environment of learning for the students.
  • Resourceful Library: Institute Library and Information Centre (RIM LIC) has all academic resources required by the students and the faculty members. Digital Library. It also has a digital library section equipped with various e-resources.
  • 'All-have' Hostel Facilities: Luxurious hostel facilities are available for both boys and girls. Food, water, medical facilities, security, laundry services - all these are attached to the hostel services.
  • Sports Involvement Options: Students are encouraged to take participation in several sports activities.
  • High-tech Computer Lab: Integrated computer labs help students to grow a basic understanding of technological assistance.
  • RIM-GIGA: The school has established 'Ramaiah Institute of Management Incubation Centre', in association with GIGA (Giving Indian Global Access), on 31st August 2018. It aims to encourage and facilitate entrepreneurship and start-up interventions among young entrepreneurs.
  • Wi-Fi Campus: The entire campus is connected, through high-speed internet access.
  • Reprography: MSRIM supports its personnel, with reprography system.

RIMS Bangalore refers to the Ramaiah Institute of Management Studies, an integral part of the M S Ramaiah Foundation. Students often get confused between MSRIM and RIMS.

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