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MS Ramaiah MBBS Fees

MS Ramaiah Medical College Fee Structure differs based on which type of seat the student secured to join the college. Karnataka CET students pay around Rs 50,000 per year. COMED-K students pay around Rs, 3, 70,000 per year. The management quota students pay an equivalent of approximately $1, 50,000 for the entire duration of the course.The fees of the college is set by the government organization affiliated to the college and is reviewed periodically.

For anyone wanting to take admission in medical schools understands how prohibitive the admissions process can be. Heavy competition for taking the limited number of seats and high tuition fees mean that many excellent potential doctors get left behind.M.S. Ramaiah Medical College Rankingis on the top for imparting quality medical education at an affordable tuition amongst the accredited medical schools.

At Ramaiah the administration believes that a medical career should be attainable for everyone with the commitment and ability to succeed. The good part is there are different quotas in which fees are relatively lower. It acknowledges that meeting the costs of medical school is a major investment and that many students do not have the immediate financial resources to cover the substantial costs of a medical education. While enrolling through entrance exams they might see a substantial drop in the total amount, but for that they need to ace really well. For Ms Ramaiah Medical College MBBS Feesis given below.

Course (S) Fee Per Year (in Lacs)
Private Quota NRI / Others Quota
MBBS 9,00,000 40,00,000
MD Anatomy 1,58,198 5,15,500 / NA
MD Physiology 1,58,198 5,15,500 / NA
MD Biochemistry 1,58,198 5,15,500 / NA
MD Pharmacology 2,99,177 5,15,500 / NA
MD Pathology 2,99,177 15,15,500
MD Microbiology 2,99,177 NA
MD Community Medicine 2,99,177 15,15,500 / NA
MD Forensic Medicine 2,99,177 15,15,500 / NA
MD Dermatology NA 1,00,15,500
MD Radio Therapy 11,50,205 40,15,500 / NA
MD Paediatrics 11,50,205 60,15,500
MD Medicine 11,50,205 70,15,500
MD Radio Diagnosis 11,50,205 85,15,500
MD Psychiatry 11,50,205 NA
MD Respiratory Medicine 11,50,205 60,15,500
MD Emergency Medicine 11,50,205 30,15,500 / NA
MS Opthalamology 11,50,205 NA / 50,15,500
MS ENT 11,50,205 NA / 25,15,500
MS Orthopedics 11,50,205 70,15,500
MS Surgery 11,50,205 60,15,500
MD Anasthesia 11,50,205 25,15,500 / NA
MS Obstetrics & Gynecology 11,50,205 60,15,500

M S Ramaiah also provides Hostels to students. The college has 3 Blocks reserved for hostel (i.e., 1 block for Girls Hostel(Triveni Block-680 accommodates) and 2 blocks are for Boys Hostel (Nilgiri Block & Ganga Block – 310 accommodates).

For further details on MS Ramaiah Medical College Admission visit IESOnline.

Yes, MS Ramaiah Medical College provides scholarships to deserving students based on their academic performance and financial need.
Yes, students can pay the fee in instalments.

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