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Nandi Engineering College Courses

Engineering is one of the most sought after undergraduate program for the students who are studying in or completed the 12th standard from science stream. The candidates can apply for various branches of engineering program at UG level offered by NIT. The syllabus for different branches in engineering are well updated in today's world. The programs are designed to educate the students with the core basics while supporting them to grow as skilled professional. The Nandi Institute of Technology Courses are already approved from the respective statutory councils with the recognition of AICTE (All India Council for Technical Education).

The engineering courses involve rigorous theoretical and practical learning which render the students to work with a problem solving approach in real time. The courses are designed under the syllabus prescribed by VTU. The various discipline in the Bachelor of Engineering are as per the recent trends of industry or the relevant fields.

NIT is also equipped with some of the best faculty members in Bangalore with years of experience as lecturers, professors or industrial experts across different sectors of engineering. The professors at NIT are very friendly to the students in order to understand their challenges. The engineering programs are reviewed each year by a team of professors to keep it updated and upgrade wherever necessary. The professors use modern methods of teaching though which students can grasp more easily. The classrooms are equipped with projector and screen to provide students with visual and graphical learning.

Students can find 5 branches of study in engineering at undergrad level. The courses are regulated for a duration of 4 years with a compulsory 6 months of internship in the final year. The course and curriculum provides a deeper understanding of the subject matter. The following B.E programs provided by the college -

  • Computer Science Engineering: This is one of the most popular and most preferred engineering programs by the 12th pass students. The Computer Science branch pivot son the fundamental elements of networking and computer programming. Students are taught on practical and theoretical knowledge of computer software and hardware. The career prospects are quite amazing through this discipline of engineering.
  • Electrical & Electronics Engineering: This is a core branch in engineering wherein students learn the skills to design, develop and maintain the electrical systems' components while ensuring reliability, quality, sustainability and safety of those electrical systems
  • Electronics & Communication Engineering: This branch of engineering is also a very sought-after one among the students because of its broader area of coverage including core communication as well as IT & software too. Students are educated to test, design and develop the electronic components in various automated systems.
  • Mechanical Engineering: This is a very traditional and a core branch of engineering where students get to know about the work mechanism of various tools and heavy machineries. This course offers conceptual knowledge of machine designing and manufacturing
  • Information Science & Engineering: This course primarily focuses on the design of technical information systems, communication support needs and research data. This course also includes instructions in the principles of computer hardware and software

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