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Oxford Degree College Bangalore Fee Structure

The Oxford College of Science was set up in 1994 with just twelve students and five teachers. The college has been able to showcase phenomenal growth since the beginning years. Today the institute is home to over 3000 students strong. A dedicated management and a committed staff at the helm of the establishment is what has favoured such an astounding level of progress. The education industry is highly competitive and to survive institutes must compete on a number of fronts. The college has been successful in this intensely competitive environment by adopting a global, dynamic, high quality- communicative and creative approach in education as well as sound development via research. The institute is always in a constant phase of development by continuous renovation.

Over the years the field of Science and Technology have undergone many changes. No one can rule out the importance of basic and applied sciences in today's world. The world of today is driven by technology and developing the same has become inevitable to remain competitive and survive. Major firms across the country have begun to invest heavily in research and development.

The Department of IT and Biotechnology (IT/BT) a part of the Government of Karnataka has sanctioned the starting of a BT Finishing School at the institute to prepare postgraduate and undergraduate students for industry readiness.

Some of the reasons why Oxford Degree College Fees Structure for the different programmes are justified:

  • Infrastructure wise the Oxford College of Science is so good that it leaves most institutes far behind. With state of the art laboratories, computer centres, libraries the college seems to have stolen the hearts of many students.
  • This institute is snugly seated in Bangalore the heart of the IT boom in India. The tech boom in the city has helped it grow very rapidly over a very short period of time leaving the rest of the country behind. The sheer experience of graduating from a college based out of Bangalore is bound to leave a mark on one’s resume
  • The college has been awarded an ‘A’ grade By NAAC and also by the IAO or the International Accreditation Organization (IAO)
  • The institute has managed to rank an impressive second place in Bangalore City and the eighth place in all India according to the India Today Survey of 2017.
  • For deserving candidates the Oxford Degree College Scholarship programmes help students in shouldering a large part of its burden.
  • Judging department wise the college has Karnataka’s number one Department of Biotechnology and one of the best in the country according to Bio spectrum.
  • In terms of quality of teaching faculty, the college has some of the best minds in the country. They are highly qualified and on the mark when it comes to execution of their duties.
  • The college has some of the best alumni networks in Bangalore. Alumni here have become well seated in some of the top organisations in the world.
  • The college is also known for its robust placement performances. Oxford Degree College Placements are truly remarkable with a large number of its students placed in firms like Deloitte, Biocon, Bosch, Axis Bank etc.

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