Relationship b/w Finger Print & Brain

Indian Educational Services

Finger prints have been studied for centuries now. All primates have ridged skin. It can also be found on the paws of certain mammals, and on the tails of some monkey species. In humans and animals this is present on fingers, palms, toes and soles. Characteristically, hair does not grow from this area. The ridging formations serve well to enhance contact and aids in the prevention of slippage. People of African ancestry display reduced skin pigmentation in the designated locations.

During the earlier days, when American doctors discovered a strange case where the baby is born without a brain. In this case, the absence of brain is associated with the absence of fingerprints as well. Cases like this repeated throughout history, leading medical experts to believe that the brain is absolutely linked to the fingerprints.

Later medical research verified that The Human's Fingerprints form from the 13th week to 21st week. And Scientists further found that fingerprints and human neo-cortex develop simultaneously and a scientific relationship between finger prints and brain function has been established. Depending on the ridges, line types and direction an individual's personality type, brain function dominance can be established. This science signifies the genetic implications. An individual acquires a great deal of qualities and abilities as a result of genome and evolutionary reasons. Fingerprints are our genetic traits exposed outside our body. Thus, through the study of fingerprint a lot could be known about functioning of brain for an individual.