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RV College of Architecture Bangalore

The RV College Of Architecture Bangalore or RVCA as it's more commonly known is an institution that took shape in the year 1992. In the beginning it was known as the Department of Architecture in The R. V. College of Engineering (RVCE) in Bangalore. Then in 1995, the department was remodeled into an independent new building within the campus of RVCE. Later in 2009 the department secured autonomy and was renamed to R.V School of Architecture. Further down the line the Council of Architecture (COA) in India approved the re-designation of the department to R.V College of Architecture in 2009.

An important turning point In 2014 was when the RV College Of Architecture Bangalore got affiliated to The Visvesvaraya Technological University (VTU) in Belagavi, Karnataka. The new campus is an exemplary example of contemporary architecture. The new campus contains Seminar Halls & Studios, Academic Block class rooms, Administration Block & the Hostel Block.

The college has grown a fierce reputation for its strong faculty with their experience in specialised fields. This has become the core strength of RVCA. The management has been picky about faculty with a great deal of effort put into carefully selecting and nurturing them to set up a scholarly environment in the campus

The architecture college has active and strong associations with other institutes, reputed architects from Bangalore and adjunct and visiting faculty. For its faculty, RVCA offers quality improvement programs (QIP) and continuing education programs for professionals as and when requested by COA. Over the years the institute has etched its name into the list of Top Architecture Colleges in Bangalore

RVCA has multiple collaborations with relevant organisations to organize seminars and workshops in the field of architecture. The institute also has international tie-ups with the Moratuwa University in Sri Lanka and the University of Muenster, Germany which has given way to successful faculty and student exchange programmes.

RV College Of Architecture Ranking

RV College Of Architecture Rankings reveal that the institute has steadily risen in popularity and ranking since its establishment as a separate college. The college is affiliated to the Visvesvaraya Technological University (VTU) in Belagavi, Karnataka. The college has a collaboration with the Bern University of Applied Sciences, Architecture, Switzerland for the period 2011 - 2013. The architecture institute was ranked 12th among the top 15 Architecture colleges by Outlook magazine in the year 2017. Again in the year 2018 the college improved its ranks and secured 9th spot for the top architecture colleges. In terms of infrastructure the college is literally unrivaled. This along with the proficiency of its faculty has helped the college climb in rankings.

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Admission In RV Architecture

Getting admitted into RR Institute of Technology is no easy task. Every year thousands of applications reach the admissions department of RRI with the hopes of landing a seat in technical disciplines of the institute. The college has also done a great job at focusing on courses that offer a high growth professionally. This is another reason for the rise in the number of applicants each year. RR institute of technology placements have put up a great show and this adds to the appeal of the college. The college specialises in providing undergraduate engineering programmes in some of the most sought after fields. These Bachelor of technology courses have many takers in the market as they offer a great number of opportunities by way of job openings for professional aspirants.

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RV College Of Architecture Placements

Bangalore is known for its splendid architecture and modern art. The city has been expanding at a much faster rate compared to other metro cities of India driven largely by the IT boom and industrial expansion. This has created a great deal of expansion in the construction industry which inturn has raised the requirement for good architects. Architects are professionals who have a bright future in a country like India where the large majority of people in the country are from rural areas who have yet to witness a solid real estate boom. As the Indian economy expands so will the demand for skilled architects. B.Arch and M.Arch students have lot to look forward to when it comes to gaining employment.

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RV College Of Architecture Fee Structure

The institute has some of the most attractive fee structures among architecture colleges in the country. Students find the fee for Bachelors in Architecture and Masters in Architecture worth every single rupee spent. The college has 12 Studios, 10 lecture halls, separate Girls and Boys Hostels, a computer lab, an Exhibition hall, a Model Making Workshop, Recreation facilities, a Fine Arts Studio, a Seminar Hall and a Survey Lab making it one of the most sound institutions in terms of infrastructure. Having a seasoned faculty with years of industry experience is another advantage of getting admitted into RVCA. The returns by way of salaries is quite high making the fee for the programme reasonable in the eyes of all its students. Students can avail student loans for the completion of their course after completion of all formalities with the concerned bank.

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RV College Of Architecture Scholarships

RV College Of Architecture Scholarships have been awarded to a number of students over the years. These scholarships have been provided by the government of India. Scholarships are necessary to support candidates as they help in shoulding the costs associated with the programme.

RV College Of Architecture Courses

The college mainly provides two courses, the Bachelors of Architecture or B. Arch in the graduate level and the Master of Architecture or M. Arc in the postgraduate level. The B.Arch course has a duration of 5 years while the M. Arch programme takes 2 years to complete. Both programmes are in great demand and have plenty of takers. These programmes have gained a lot of traction lately due to the increasing size of the middle class and more spending on real estate and property development projects by higher income groups. With industrial expansion picking up pace the country is going to witness more economic growth in years to come. This is going to create tremendous demand for skilled architects and hence the demand for the course is all but set to rise.

For more information visit RV College Of Architecture Courses

RV College Of Architecture Hostel

RV College Of Architecture Hostels are well designed just like the campus. It has an iconic touch to it. Hostels have been provided separately for girls and for boys. The college makes sure to give aesthetically and environmentally sound accommodations with great cuisine served in the messes. There is an incredible level of security here and with an ambience that promotes peace and learning.

RV College Of Architecture Campus

The college has an iconic looking facade for its main building on the campus. The campus looks incredibly pleasing and gives of awesome vibes that promote thinking of an imaginative and creative order. It's a peasant and mesmerising experience for students.

RV College Of Architecture Address: Site CA-1, Banashankari 6th Stage, 4th Block, Near Chikka Gowdanapalya Village, Off Vajarahalli Main Road, Bengaluru – 560062

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