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Courses in RV College of Physiotherapy

Why is Physiotherapy needed?

There is an ever- developing interest for Physiotherapists in India and additionally across the world. It is on the grounds that, just through Physiotherapy the everyday throbbing pain of housewives, the neck agonies of IT professionals, the joint torments of the old and matured or the dislocation or breakage of the bones due to accidents can be healed.

While other clinical sciences, for example muscular health (bone, muscle, spinal cord and nerves), Cardiothoracic (heart and lungs), Pediatrics (kid’s well being) etc. treat only the infection and distortions, it is just physiotherapy that can take advancements and comprehensively re- establish versatility. Physiotherapy holds the way to restore instances of loss of motion, cracks, muscle tears and so forth, by using restorative activities.

Physiotherapy is a comprehensive science through which ailments and distortions are surveyed, analyzed and treated through actual specialists like cold, heat, light, sound and exercise, without this the recuperation of the patient is at doubt, these and numerous different highlights of physiotherapy offers enormous options across institutes all over the world.

RV College of Physiotherapy courses are regulated by the following departments:

  • Neurological Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation
  • Community Based Rehabilitation
  • Pediatric Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation
  • Musculo skeletal and Sports Physiotherapy
  • Cardio-Respiratory Physiotherapy

Neurological Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation:

Neurological recovery and treatments are initiated through timely and suitable screening, assessment by the physiotherapist followed by proper medication for patients with neurological difficulties and activity issues. Rehabilitation is centred around improving (development) of skills, equilibrium, coordination, strength and perseverance for psychological incorporation.

Community Based Rehabilitation:

RVCP coordinates and arrange facilities for patients with neuromuscular and Musculo- skeletal problems at group level and home arrangements independently or joined with different community based organizations. The students who are either pursuing bachelor's in Physiotherapy or Masters in the same, assistants and staff play a powerful role in such programs.

Pediatric Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation:

Pediatric Physical Therapy detects early formation of problems and uses diverse methods to medicate the disorder in the diagnosed people. It gives precautionary and increasing care to the children and adults with heterogeneous mixture of inherited, developed, neuromuscular, skeletal or obtained disorders. The goal is to recognize the innate physical capacity and set up the movement design using various therapy methods.

Musculo Skeletal and Sports Physiotherapy:

Musculo Skeletal state surrounds a broad range of scope of disorders that have an impact on the bones, joints, and connective tissues, arthritis and trauma. This division helps the students to understand the skills set required for the basic and advanced physiotherapy and practice the same in an administered clinic.

Cardio Respiratory Physiotherapy:

This department covers the specialization in the precautions taken for the patients in rehabilitation with problems related to heart and lungs. This will help the students prepare themselves for the best treatments that they can provide to the patients of all age groups and help them reach their full capacity.

For detailed information about RV College of Physiotherapy Admissions contact +91 97432 77777

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