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RV College of Nursing Courses

RV College of Nursing students come out as exceptionally prepared nurses through comprehensive learning approaches in the classroom, research opportunities and clinical experiences in hospitals and clinics. Each student brings thing their own experiences and passions to the campus, they will learn alongside the best and expertise from faculty who are leaders in their field, boosting their education as they build their career in nursing.

The top-ranked courses include degree and post degree which focuses on hands-on clinical experience, research to meet the needs of a diverse and broad spectrum of nursing and healthcare professionals. The programmes prepare students to become a nurse who has finished a rigorous and cutting-edge programme that equips them with the present and future needs of healthcare. Whichever level they choose, the flexible and student-centred approach will help them to do it in their terms, with the support they need to succeed.

RV Nursing College Courses
Course (s) Seats
B.Sc Nursing -
M.Sc Nursing -
Medical-Surgical Nursing 5
Psychiatric (Mental Health) Nursing 5

The departments of Nursing In RV College are:

  • Child Health Nursing
  • Community Health Nursing
  • Medical-Surgical Nursing
  • Obstetrical and Gynaecological nursing
  • Mental health Nursing

The master’s degree of RV builds students’ nursing education and practical experience and includes specialization courses in Medical-Surgical Nursing and Psychiatric (Mental Health) Nursing. The flexible curriculum helps them to achieve their aim that is either to improve the care of their patients, become a leader in this service, or be a teacher and educate the next generation.

By taking RV Nursing College Admission, students will not only learn from expert faculty at a renowned academic medical institution but they will also right after graduation they will be highly sought for positions in hospitals, schools and clinics. Whether students choose the master or bachelor programme, they will see that the curriculum is an amalgamation of academic theory and applied knowledge in a unique, fully accredited programmes ranked among the top nursing programmes in Bangalore.

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