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Sapthagiri College Of Physiotherapy Bangalore is a part of this great establishment and is quite popular among a large group of aspiring medical students. The institute of medical science primarily has a super speciality hospital and a multi speciality tertiary care hospital set up for the purpose of imparting quality education for Post graduate and undergraduate medical students in addition to catering to the health needs of the people in therapeutic, preventive and rehabilitative domains. The learning process is highly focused on an experiential learning route. There is a great deal of focus and energy spent on achieving excellence in the field of Medical Education.

Sapthagiri Institute Of Physiotherapy Course List includes the Bachelor of Physiotherapy or the BPT programme. The Sapthagiri Institute of Medical Sciences and Research Centre which is the parent body has had tremendous success in providing BPT as a course. The institute also offers the Masters programme in physiotherapy (MTP)as well. In fact the college is known for these programmes throughout the country. The relative success of the programme can be related to a number of factors particularly that of quality of education. The institute is known as a pioneer when it comes to setting industry standards and training its students to face a very complex world. Students here have the chance to gain tremendous knowledge and skill through procedural learning. It is a well known fact that medical practitioners with great procedural knowledge tend to be great at their trade.

With a great infrastructure and a number of patients to look into the experience of these skilled professionals are bound to rise. Besides the course offers a great level of exposure which can help students land great jobs once they graduate from the institute. The course has also been given a priority by many applicants duet to the sheer return on investment by way of job opportunities and packages. India has been expanding with the middle class having more money at their disposal than ever before which has raised the quality of life of millions. With a rapidly aging population Indian will need a lot more physiotherapists than ever before. No matter how much of these professionals graduate each year the demand is so high that India will still fall short of qualified and trained man power.

The college has some of the best guides to teach students. The quality of faculty at Sapthagiri needs no introduction. There is a great deal of review regarding their competence, qualification and skill. Students get to learn a lot from their experience at Sapthagiri. Students from all over India flock to the campus with application to the bachelors programme with the hopes of being part of the campus. Sadly only a few ever make it into the campus and ever get admitted into the programme. Students who wish to move abroad can choose to do so as international opportunities are great especially from developed countries with a high number of aged people like Japan, Italy, Germany etc. The pay associated with the job is very attractive.

Sapthagiri Institute Of Physiotherapy Course Fees is quite low and students also have the option of taking up education loans to cover for their expenses. This is a very flexible loan and the burden on their shoulders will be greatly reduced. The pay offered by many hospitals in India is quite good which is another reason for such a huge demand for the courses. Students can easily repay their students loans with the handsome returns that they get via their jobs once they land one. Unlike other fields the possibility of getting a job is quite high even with very low experience in the field.

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