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Sapthagiri Medical College Bangalore Reviews

Sapthagiri Medical College Reviews given by parents, students, faculty and alumni gives a clear picture of sophisticated facilities offered by the college to cater a vibrant atmosphere to pertain medical education. Aided by brilliant staff physicians and resident doctors, the hospital with 1200 beds fosters foremost care and enhanced treatment aids in all areas of medicine and surgery. The institution offers devoted service to unprivileged sections of the community apparently at zero cost.

Inexhaustible enthusiasm and professional excellence of the highly learned Sapthagiri Medical College Faculty ensures that the establishment is thriving on a typical blend of education and service to mankind. Both these ideologies open the doors to the students for holistic approach of medical education and its practical implementation in both rural and urban areas. The infrastructure of the college includes the following facilities within the college grounds.

1. Lecture Halls:

The Lecture halls are spacious and well equipped with most modern audio visual tools to provide top rated learning experience to students. Students are also provided space to express their views and present talks on assigned topics. The seating arrangement in the halls are well planned to ensure that all the students can visualize the lecture given by the faculties and the teaching aids displayed by them.

2. Examination Halls:

Examination halls are spacious and fully furnished. It is provided surveillance cameras to ensure no student is involved in activities of malpractice during the examination.

3. Auditoriums:

Sapthagiri Medical College Bangalore houses an extra large auditorium with state of the art facilities. The auditorium can accommodate a wealth of students at once. Students use the auditoriums to conduct various cultural events and competitions and many other academic activities as well.

4. Common rooms:

There are separate common rooms provided to boys and girls of the college with an attached toilet facility. The common rooms can be used for the students to take quick breaks and rest for a while.

5. Central Library:

The central library is highly resourced with thousands of reference books, journals, magazines and study materials made available to all the students. Students can make use of the huge reading rooms to refer the books. The college also offers book banking facility. There is a separate digital library that offers access to a huge collection of e books and journals to facilitate the research work of students.

6. Sports and recreation facilities:

To nurture and nourish the talents of the students in the field of sports, a number of recreational sports amenities are provided by the college. Volley ball and basket ball courts are available within the college campus. The indoor sports complex retreats the students with choices to play carom, chess, table tennis etc.

7. Gym and Fitness center:

The physical and mental health of the students is taken utmost care at Sapthagiri Medical College. To keep the students fit as fiddle, the college has an in house gym and fitness center with ultramodern resources. Several mental health enhancement activities like yoga, aerobics and meditation are also encouraged and inhibited in the young minds.

8. Hospital:

The students are also catered with medical facilities in case of emergency. The hospital block is outfitted with most modern laboratory equipments, highly educated doctors and medical practitioners, nurses and ward boys who are highly compassionate towards the patients, may it be the students and staff of the college or visiting patients from outside.

9. Clinical Laboratories:

The departmental clinical laboratories are fully fledged with sophisticated components required to provide hands on experience of the concepts learnt in theoretical lecture sessions.

10. Hostel:

The college has sophisticated hostel block which are separate for boys and girls. The students can experience the feel of home away from home. The hostel rooms are well furnished and ventilated. Students are provided with all necessary facilities to enjoy a homely environment at the hostel. The wardens take care of students’ concerns and requirements.

11. Bank and ATM facilities:

Sapthagiri Institute of Medical Sciences also hones a separate block for bank and an ATM to facilitate convenient banking options to the students, staff and the visiting patients.

The college also has a well organized committees headed by proficient faculties to ensure smooth functioning of the college events and activities.

1. Anti ragging committee:

The committee is governed by a well experienced senior faculty to address the concerns related to ragging acts. Ragging is strictly prohibited in the college premises. Students involving in these acts will be subjected to legal action by the committee head.

2. Gender Harassment committee:

This committee takes all required measures to promote gender equality and fraternity among the students.

3. Grievance redressal committee:

The committee hones the responsibility of collecting feedbacks and gathering the grievances from the students and other stake holders of the college like parents and staff on a regular basis and takes necessary actions overcome the negative part of the feedback.

4. Alumni association:

The college has an excellent group of alumni who are well settled in reputed medical health care centers all over the globe. The alumni association organizes annual alumni meets, day outs once in a year. It always extends its supporting hands in all endeavors of the college.

5. Cultural committee:

The cultural committee of the college have formed different student clubs for each cultural activity, may it be dance / drama / music / literary acts. Several cultural events and competitions are organized throughout the year to enhance the involvement of students in extracurricular activities.

6. Sports committee:

This committee plans and conducts a number of inter departmental and intercollegiate tournaments to magnify the competitiveness and sportsmanship among its pupil.

7. Student mentoring system:

It is really a tedious task for the adolescents to handle the pressure of Sapthagiri Medical College Courses all of a sudden. The college has well experienced professional counselors made available to the students all through the day. These mentors facilitate the students in resolving their academic and non academic problems.

8. Student tracking system:

The college has a well designed student tracking system. This system ensures that the attendance of the students, their log in and logout time in the college are reported to the parents on a daily basis. It also maintains the database of student personal details.

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