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Jain Institute of Technology or JU-SET as it is known to have a proud history spanning over a decade. Located in Bangalore, the silicon valley of India, the college has emerged as one of the most renowned engineering institutions. Jain University Engineering serves both Graduate and Postgraduate programs alongside specializations for the aspiring students. The institute today serves as a benchmark for new colleges in India and abroad. The establishment is intently focused on delivering a world class education experience to all its students. The teaching and learning process promoted by the institute is both practical and experiential in nature. It also focuses on facilitating a smooth transition from the academic platform to the professional and industrial one.

Jain University Engineering Admission needs to be taken as a precursor to reviewing the college. The astronomical rise in the number of applications each year should be taken as a signal that says that the college has done wonderfully over time. The rise in the number of applications is symbolic of its popularity and influence among the aspiring tech students. With each passing year competition to be a part of the campus is on the rise and only a handful makes it through the screening process. Only a small percentage of students from India are employable according to industry survey, the college has attempted to defy this statement by producing high quality industry ready talent out of all its students. SET Jain University Reviews are any college’s envy and something they aspire to achieve.

Academics: Academics are the foundation of any institute that dictates the quality of education. The management has focused on developing a strong and well founded academic process. The process takes into consideration the importance of a practical and experiential learning process. The curriculum is designed after rigorous industrial consultations and students are encouraged to adapt to the evolving professional landscape around them. The college has performed very well at the academic frontier.

Hostels: A good accommodation is one that makes the difference between heaven and earth for a student. The college understands the importance of quality of life and strives to give its students the best accommodations and amenities possible. A well maintained hostel with an ambience favoring learning and healthy recreation is what the college provides. Girls and boys have separate accommodation facilities. An incredible variety in the cuisine is a big plus for the students here.

Faculty: Faculty is what defines an institute. Jain University Engineering has one of the brightest minds at the top of its teaching process. Each department has its own set of faculty, qualified, proficient and capable in all respects as teachers. Faculty at the institute encourages an out of the box thought process while employing a practical approach to their teaching process. Overall the faculty has been rated as one of the best in the industry.

Infrastructure: The college boasts an incredible campus spanning 350 acres with one the best infrastructure in the industry. Students can be sure of using certified labs and facilities that are state of the art. Everything at the college in terms of infrastructure is up to date and advanced. Reviews by students on the same are really high.

Placements: The single most important word that raises the pulse of any student is “Placements”. Jain University Engineering Placements reports have been very transparent. There is nothing to say other than that the college has performed spectacularly well on all accounts related to placements. Reviews suggest that the college has a unique student development program that kicks in from the first semester and lasts till the 6th semester. Students are excited and optimistic with multinational firms rushing to the campus each year for talent acquisition. The campus has managed to secure jobs for 95% of its students in the academic year 2021-2022. The college has also managed to secure one of its students a package of 30LPA. The college also aces for the review of placements.

Fees Structure: The word fees raise the heart of any student in today's world. Most engineering colleges are known to charge exorbitantly high rates for the courses they provide. Jain University Engineering Fee Structure is perhaps one of the most affordable if not the lowest. The fee tags on all courses are justifiable when put up against the possible ROI (Return On Investment) through placements. That's a big thumb up for the institute!

Campus life: The campus offers a number of opportunities for recreation and learning. Students can join different clubs based on individual interests. The college promotes extracurricular activities and gives its students an incredible platform to showcase their talent. A rich, diverse and peaceful demographic coupled with mutual respect and freedom has helped students from various communities flock to the institute.

Ranking: Jain University Engineering Ranking has been excellent on multiple fronts. These ranks were awarded by industrial and governmental bodies alike. The India Today, Ministry of Commerce & Industry (MOCI), CII, The Services Export Promotion Council (SEPC), QS World University rankings, NIRF, KSURF iCARE, NAAC are some of the bodies that have ranked the college for its performance.

For detailed information about Jain University Engineering Admission contact IESOnline.

Engineering students at Jain University have access to state-of-the-art labs, computer facilities, a library, and sports facilities.
Jain University has a highly qualified and experienced faculty for engineering courses with an excellent academic and industry background.

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