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SKAMC Bangalore Review

The sri kalabyraveshwara swamy ayurvedic medical college reviews are given by students who are studying in the college and faculty who are teaching in the college. People who review the college have a good idea about the working of the college and the facilities provided by it. People check for the reviews of the college before getting admission into the college. The reviews of the college is based on the factors like


The College has spacious and well ventilated classrooms with comfortable seating arrangements. There are separate classrooms for all the departments which are divided into section wise. Students can peacefully sit inside the classrooms and listen to the classes. There is an internal mike system in every classroom so that even the students from backside can easily hear. Classrooms are equipped with black board, white board, OHP and LCD. The faculty and professors teach students in these classrooms.

The sri kalabyraveshwara swamy ayurvedic medical college rankings are also considered as strong pillars of the college and they play a very important role in the overall development of the college. This also helps the students to gain knowledge from all the external sources also.


Each and every department of the college has a separate laboratory which is completely equipped with stimulators, mannequin’s necessary articles for demonstration, models, specimens, charts. Clinical Pathology, Bhaishajya Gruha, Rachana are the three main laboratories of the college and these laboratories are utilized for demonstrations and student practice of procedures under supervision. Students can get a good practical knowledge in these laboratories. The labs are specially designed for implementing researches through various methods. Labs are also filled with many natural oils directly extracted from seeds and plants so they can be used in the treatments of various diseases.

The sri kalabyraveshwara swamy ayurvedic medical college fee structure is also most reviewed part in the college because it has a good fee structure where students are explained clearly about the fee structure and it is affordable for students who are willing to pursue their career in Ayurveda.

Herbal Gardens:

Herbal Gardens are an important part of the education in the field of Ayurveda. The institution has well maintained herbal garden having more than 400 species of medicinal plants including rare species. All these plants are grown in suitable environmental conditions which are convenient for them to grow. Each plant is taken care and watered regularly. These plants are used for practical demonstration for students in their education. In an area of 10 acres near Bangalore the garden is located. Charaka Vana started in the year 2003 comprises of some rare species and medicinal plant. The vana is conceived and designed as per the Ayurvedic text Charaka Samhita, a noble work to preserve and develop medicinal plants for the future generation. Students get a chance to learn and explore the various plants and the uses of them for treating people.

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