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St George College

Founded in 1998 under the supervision of St. George Educational & Charitable Trust, St. George College of Management, Science & Nursing is recognized as one of the most reputed institutions in Bangalore for providing graduate and postgraduate courses. St George’s Collegestudents come from nearly every state in India and more than 24 foreign countries to take advantage of our renowned academic programmes, a curriculum that encourages educational exploration, and collaborative learning experiences led by outstanding and experienced professors. In both in-and-out of the classroom, students work closely with the faculty- a collaboration which is transformational for both and often the outcome is lifelong connections. The college is renowned for pioneering achievement in education, for the beauty of its campus and endeavours to educate a new generation of leaders; individuals who will be capable of shaping the future with clarity, justice and charity.

St George College Bangalore is governed by a board of trustees who are among the premier strategists, entrepreneurs, academicians in their fields. In 2002 the nursing department was established which is affiliated to Rajiv Gandhi University of Health and Science (RGUHS), recognized by the government of Karnataka and approved by Indian Nursing Council. And in 2011-12 the MBA programme came into being which is affiliated to Bangalore University and approved by AICTE. The college supports a high standard commitment in teaching and learning, scholarship and socio-economic endeavour; a broad and deep curriculum.

The location of the college in the Silicon Cityof India is a place where students can find both focus and connection. The heterogeneity of perspectives which includes different viewpoints, identities, etc. represented by St. Gorge students, faculty and staff contribute to the community’s’ strong sense of open engagement with ideas and issues.

St George College Ranking

College ranking is important for prospective students to compare colleges and narrow down the ones that meet their terms like financial or educational needs. The overall ranking determines the objective quality of an educational institution and will have a higher chance at a positive outcome. The methodological used are more or less consistent in their framework. Criteria like faculty-student ratio, placement success, graduation rate and so on are taken into consideration when the rankings are published. One reason for the college to have top ranking is because they have a strong reputation this criterion is circular in mature. They have a strong reputation because they had top ranking last year.

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St George's College Admissions

Students are invited in St. Georges’ to learn, create and innovate with the very best and leave the campus by the end of graduation with passion, credentials and lifelong friends. Leading recruiters like Axis Bank, Mystifly, ING, and Xchanging recruit St. George students. Each year the college aims to enrol the most talented, competitive and diverse first-year class possible. So why choose St. George? Besides the above-mentioned reasons, it is a renowned college, where the imagination of the unimaginable is possible and it is changing the world with work that matters.

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St George College Bangalore Placement

The success of college is based on the quality of the knowledge provided, the intellectual growth and how the students can displace those into creative work products. And one of the ways to measure the interest payback is through ROI (Return of Investment) of the college degree- where the students are placed, and subsequent career growth and success. Most colleges have placement cell that hosts campus interviews, conducts workshops and seminars, etc. Before searching for a college, students should consider which college provides job opportunities. Here in St. George the placement teamwork with the students to identify their passions and interests and thereby guide them in that direction.

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St George College Bangalore Fee Structure

When considering the cost of higher education, candidates will take into the account the overall expenses, which includes tuition, hostel (if applicable), university fees, exam fees and so estimate. St. George’s mission centres on academic excellence without facing any financial barriers. The college seeks to empower students who would thrive at St. George, making sure that they have what is required to be successful here. Their dedication to affordability and access is rare among colleges as they deeply value the range of perspectives that this commitment brings to the campus community. The college reserves the right to change its fees without notice.

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St George College Bangalore Scholarship

Every applicant is taken into consideration for St George College Bangalore Scholarship, based on the academic credentials submitted with their application. Students who qualify will receive their scholarship thereby.

St George College Courses

The college offers various multidisciplinary programmes which are rigorous, enhanced by new experiences and meets each individual's interests and goals and also provides a great deal of freedom to set their academic path. The courses are ranked among the top in the country which is offered in several UG, PG and value-added courses. This array of interdisciplinary programmes provides opportunities to incorporate and connect what students have learnt in different departments. Intensive study either in major or any course as a whole may conclude in a senior thesis, working closely with professors in laboratories, classrooms or participate with them on research and various industrial projects.

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St George College Bangalore Hostel

St George College Bangalore Hostel is given to girls and boys separately. It has 24-hour security and running water. Students far from home will be staying in the hostels. Hostel seats are limited and are given on a first-come-first-serve basis. Fees are required to be paid only once where accommodation and mess charge will be included. The rooms once allocated cannot be changed without the permission of the present authority. Students are required to follow the Code of Conduct and upon the failure to meet the guidelines, they will be asked to vacate without further notice. The decision of the college authority is final and binding.

St George's College Address

St George's College Address is OMBR Layout, Banaswadi, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560043.

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