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St George College Review

St George College Bangalore Reviews are the students’ and alumni’s experiences and memories during their time in the college. They have shared their thoughts about the college in various internet portals praising the educational institution for providing such optimistic, healthy campus life and delivering world-class facilities to them. The college has been essential in providing a positive culture, innovative learning environment, several ranges of study options, great student bodies, and modern educational facilities since its inception. The college aspires students to bring their best in their chosen field and nurture their intellectual growth and development. The alumni act as a bridge between the college and the industry and help the college by participating in guest lectures and knowledge sharing.

The facilities mainly on which the reviews are based as provided by the college are listed below;


Each classroom is well-equipped with modern equipment like LCD Projectors, screens for visual presentations. They are quite spacious and well-ventilated with comfortable seating arrangements.

Computer Lab:

The college has a spacious, air-conditioned computer-lab with the latest configuration of hardware and software to support all the academic programmes.

Biotechnology Lab:

The lab is equipped with the latest pieces of equipment to facilitate current developments in biotechnology. The latest apparatus and incubators help the students in areas of animal reproduction, plant tissue culture, among others. Students are well taught in these subjects and so by the time they graduate they are at the top of their counterparts and hence get easily selected in St George College Bangalore Placement.

Microbiology Lab:

The college provides recent facilities to identify bacteria, fungi, algae, and viruses. Special attention is given to the food processing technique which is highly convenient for usage and is nutritious. The sophisticated microscope used in the lab can detect and recognize microorganisms.


The library has a wide range of voluminous books, including reference work necessary for the faculty and students. There are provisions of e-books, journals, periodicals and magazines.

Co-curricular Activities:

The college organizes various activities like sports day, theatre, educational tour, industrial visit, computer fest, etc. to provide a platform to the students to showcase their talents and also to impart pragmatic knowledge.


There is a food court in the campus itself that provides snacks, hot and cold beverages and it is a break-way from studies and research work.


The college has the provision for both indoor and outdoor games where students are encouraged to actively participate in various physical activities. Various regional and national level sports competitions are organized in various games like badminton, football cricket, volleyball.

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Reviews of St. George College Of Management Science And Nursing, Bangalore given by many students are like this: “ St. George College Of Management Science And Nursing, Bangalore is located in a serene environment with an excellent learning ambiance. The college has a huge campus with a well-planned infrastructure. In addition to the extraordinary learning experience, the college also provides various student facilities”.

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