St Joseph College Courses

St Joseph College Courses

St Joseph College Courses Offered

Under Graduate Programs :
B.Com (Regular)
B.Com (Professional)
B.Com (Industry Integrated)
B.Sc (Natural Science & Physical Science)
* (Natural Science - Combinations: CBZ/MCB/MCZ/CBBT/CZBT/CEB & CEZ)
* (Physical Science - Combinations: PCM/PEM/EMS/PMC & MEC)
Post Graduate Programs :
St Joseph College Courses include Bsc ( Natural Science & Physical Science), BA, Vocational courses, Professional courses , B.Com , Post graduate courses ( Msc, MA) & PG Professional courses ( MSW,MA,Msc).
Bsc courses are again divided into Natural Science optional combinations (CBZ, MCB, MCZ, CBBT, CZBT, CEB, and CEZ) & Physical Science (PCM, PEM, EMS, PMC, and MEC). A brief about various science departments of St Joseph’s college is as below.
One of the largest science departments, in the college is the Chemistry department which was established in 1927. The department is reputed for having a well equipped research centre containing all the modern scientific equipments which helps the department to engage in highly productive research work in some of the important areas of Chemistry such as catalysis, materials chemistry, electrochemistry, & biochemistry. Their work has been published in reputed national & international journals; the department also conducts & participates in various co- curricular activities, inter- collegiate chemistry festivals, educational trips & science exhibitions. The department has been awarded DBT-STAR college status & enjoys DST-FIST funding. The Department of Botany on the other hand was started in 1954, & has conducted several state & national level seminars, workshops & conferences. It also published an International Open Access Journal named Biovistas International Journal of Biological Research (IJBR), ISSN -2321-0524 towards encouraging teachers & students to publish research papers. The Department of Zoology established in 1957, has several excellent teaching facilities including well equipped laboratories, insect culture facilities & museum of specimens. The Department of environment science was established in 1983 and offers environmental science as a para professional course. The Department of Microbiology started functioning in 1988 and today offers a broad spectrum of courses that teach students to question, analyze, understand & theorize. Set up in 2002, the Department of Biotechnology has been funded by DBT for Star College Status and it has also established a innovative industry mentor program with Curricooler to provide a supplementary education platform for students.
Various combinations available under BA courses are EJP, HEP, EPS, IES, and CPE. Here is a small brief about various departments in the Arts section. The Political Science Department offers courses with introductory module of key concepts, ideas, key thinkers/ contributors, glossary of terms, country profiles alongwith screening of documentaries & feature films to kindly student’s interest. The Department of Economics is as old as the College itself. Established in 1882, the pedagogy of this Economics course is different from other BA courses as the papers are taught using quantitative methods. This course is highly suitable for those students who have a sound background in mathematics. The faculty & students of the Department of Psychology are involved as a team to document socially relevant articles/newspaper items & other reference material.
St joseph College Bangalore programs offered under the Vocational courses include BVMF (Visual Media & Film Making), BDMA ( Digital Media & Animation). Sanctioned by UGC in 2014, these courses make a candidate job ready in components like Photography, Cinematography, Editing, & Documentary / Music Videos etc. While the BDMA course prepares students in Graphic Design, 2-D Animation, 3-D Modeling & Animation.
Under Professional courses, BAVC,BSW,BCA are offered . The Department of Social Work established in2005, offers an integrated BSW curriculum which weaves together classroom & field experience. The Department of Computer Science was founded in 1986 with a view to inculcate deep & analytical understanding of the field in students. All students need to turn in term papers while all final year students need to submit a project for an organization. Department of Communication established in in 2008 offers an eclectic mix of graphic design, photography, television production, script writing, documentary filmmaking, advertising and more.
The Department of Commerce offers a 3 year regular B.Com along with an industry integrated B.Com program (BPS) which includes internship, project, viva voce & inter disciplinary certificate courses.

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