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St Joseph Dental College Eluru Reviews

As per the St. Joseph Dental College Reviews, this is one of the finest dental colleges in the Eluru in west Godavari district. With the objective of producing more number of resourceful dental practitioners enriched with patient handling and management skills, the college was established in 2002. SJDC is now a home for hundreds of students coming from different states, varied parts of the country and from all over the globe. Ir ia an amazing blend of diversified cultures, races and ethics. The college provides an outstanding learning atmosphere with all first rate facilities to blossom as a complete professional doctor. The facilities provided by the college to its pupil include:


The college has a state of the art library with thousands of reference books, 100s of research materials, magazines, journals and newsletters. Students are also allowed to borrow books from library on pre registration. A digital e – books corner is also an integrated section of the library block.


The college houses a vibrant and homely accommodation block which provides hostel facility to the students who wish to stay within the college premises. There are distinguished hostel blocks for boys and girls. The hostel provides Wi-Fi enabled rooms and all basic facilities like fan, laundry, pure drinking water, hot water facilities and full security all through the day and night.


St. Joseph Dental College Eluru caters medical facilities to its students, staff and visitors in case of adverse health conditions and medical emergencies. Doctors are made available in the college premises all through the day.


The laboratories are spacious and well equipped most recent and updated tools. Required measures are also taken to ensure students’ safety while conducting lab works. Students are provided with an extraordinary practical experience of the theoretical concepts learnt in the classroom.


To ensure the physical fitness of the students and to encourage students enjoy healthy breaks from ongoing academic learning process, the college provides many indoor and outdoor sports facilities to the students.


The college incorporates a sterilized canteen which delivers all kind of yummy and healthy cuisines to its students. The canteen also has a open space for debates and discussions over a cup of coffee.

Gym and Fitness Center:

St. Joseph Dental College also has an in house gym and fitness center with all modern tools for the students to keep their body fit as a fiddle.

Bank and ATM:

To provide the banking facilities for the students, staff, management and the visitors of SJDC, an in house bank is build within the college campus. ATM is also made available 24 x 7 to aid the hostel boarders and security staff.

Research activities:

The college opens up doors to extensive research opportunities through ultra modern digital facilities. Students can conduct their research work and publish papers in their areas of interest under dental sciences.

Auditoriums and Lecture Halls:

The college incorporates spacious and well ventilated lecture halls, seminar and conference room, auditoriums that can seat a wealth of students at once. All the rooms are provided with audio visual aids to enhance the students’ learning experience.

Faculty and Staff:

St. Joseph Dental College Courses are imparted to the students through a balanced ratio of well trained and well educated faculty members outfitted with all the contemporary technology. It also has adequate numbers of non technical staffs to afford an ambiance of self learning and peer teaching among the students. The college is devoted to uplift the dental health care education excellent dental practitioners for the people of the country.

In addition to the above mentioned conveniences, the college also has a number of committees and clubs to assist the management in its smooth functioning. The clubs and committees formed within the college for the welfare of its students are as mentioned below.

Cultural and Sports Committees:

The college has a distinguished student club for every cultural activity may it be dance, music, art, drama or literature. Each club organizes various small events throughout the academic session. One grand mega cultural fest happens once in a year with the combination of vibrant performances of all the clubs put together. Students are also encouraged to take part in intra and intercollegiate sports tournaments organized by self and other concerned bodies within the neighborhood.

Alumni Association:

St. Joseph Dental College Notable Alumni are huge in number. They all have formed a union and meet once in a year. They are very supportive to the students, staff and the management in leading the college towards the path of success. The students of previous batches are well settled in India and abroad and are doing excellences in the field of dentistry.

Anti ragging committee:

The college incorporates a committee to ensure that the students are not involved in any kind of ragging activities. There is a strict ban on the ragging deeds within the college premises and out of the college too.

Caste based discrimination prevention cell:

To promote the idea of fraternity and secularism, the college has a trained team of staff which forms a committee to look into caste based discrimination matters.

Community Welfare Committee:

Candidates who are in dilemma of ‘Why St Joseph Dental College?’, need to understand that the college not only emphasizes on classroom education but also supports students to think out of the box and become good citizens. The college has a set of faculty members and student volunteers who plans and organizes an ample of community welfare programs to sensitize students towards present scenario of social health. This also helps the students to motivate their conscious towards humanity and community welfare. Several social outreach programs conducted by the college include:

  • Denture Camps
  • Visits to serve patients in hospitals
  • Free Dental Check up to economically weak and rural class
  • NCC and NSS camps

Student Counseling Cell:

Professional counselors are made available in the college premises to make way for the students in getting their private and academic problems resolved. Through several mentoring and career guidance workshops preplanned by the college, students enjoy the liberty of sharing their feedback and grievances with the college authorities which in turn helps in the easy going of the college.

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Reviews of St. Joseph Dental College given by many students are like this: “St. Joseph Dental College is located in a serene environment with an excellent learning ambiance. The college has a huge campus with a well-planned infrastructure. In addition to the extraordinary learning experience, the college also provides various facilities for students”.

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