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Subbaiah Institute of Dental Sciences Courses

Subbaiah dental college courses include Bachelor of Dental Surgery which extends for four academic years and one year of clinical internship in a dental hospital. The degree is awarded on the successful completion of the subjects prescribed in the syllabus and the training period which qualifies the candidate to practice dentistry.

During the study, the candidate is expected to know in detail about the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of diseases both the teeth, oral mucosa and the tissues adjacent to it.

The curriculum is well revised following the standards set by the Dental Council of India. The subjects are imparted by well-qualified senior doctors and experts. The following departments are available in Subbaiah Dental College Shimoga. They focus on training the BDS aspirants in various subjects.

Conservative Dentistry & Endodontics:

The department trains the students in prevention, diagnosis and treatment of the ailments of the dentition. Using latest equipment and technology, it helps the students to apply surgical and non-surgical methods to handle pulpal and periapical diseases.

Community Dentistry:

Community Dentistry department conducts oral health check-ups and camps for public benefit, especially in rural zones. A fully equipped mobile dental clinic is employed to cater the needs of the people. The department involves the students in making frequent visits to water purification plants, public health laboratories and checking for the mineral levels in domestic water and their impact on teeth and gums.


Subbaiah Dental College courses offer the best training and facility for denture repair and restoration. The department of prosthodontics provides the required help for the replacement of lost dentition.

Diagnosis & Radiology:

Oral Medicine and Diagnosis involves screening the patients with dental issues through a series of laboratory tests and radiography.

Oral & Maxillo-Facial Surgery:

The department imparts knowledge regarding craniofacial anomalies, trauma and surgical procedures involved in simple and complex tooth extractions. Biopsy procedures, Enucleation of cysts and tumors, Management of dento-alveolar fractures, Excision of small benign tumors are a few subjects handled in this domain.


Orthodontics deals with teeth alignment using braces or wires for both aesthetic and functional purpose.

Oral Pathology & Microbiology:

Subbaiah Dental College Courses gives detailed information about the causes and nature of the diseases affecting oral and maxillofacial regions. Students obtain a profound knowledge in Oral Anatomy & Embryology, Tooth morphology, Oral Histology etc. The laboratories of this department are facilitated with trinocular microscope, Phase contrast, CCTV facilities along with facilities for photo microscopy and polarizing and dark ground microscopy. A museum with adequate tooth specimen, Dental Casts, Models, Posters and post-operative specimens help the students to understand dental pathology.

Paediatric & Preventive Dentistry:

Children are not simply smaller adults. Their problems are not very similar to that of the grown-ups. Paediatric dentistry comprises of child dental specialists to impact the dental well-being of the children.


The department deals with issues regarding gingiva (gums). The training begins from simple scaling procedures and extends up to complex gum surgeries.

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