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Surana College Fees

Surana College Bangalore had its foundation laid in 1995 by the GDA foundation. A span of 25 years of innovation and excellence in the education space has earned the institute a place among the best educational establishments in the country. Moreover the institute focuses on providing cutting edge education in the Sciences, Information Technology, Arts and Commerce & Management fields. Unlike other institutes Surana institute has two campuses. The Southend Circle campus in Bangalore which is dedicated towards teaching undergraduate programmes. The second campus is located at Kengeri Satellite Town that houses everything that deals with the postgraduate programmes. These campuses have been managed by well and extremely resourcefully with every kind of facility imaginable to enable the smooth learning for students.

The name Surana has become a very popular one in the education space over the years with the institute making into the list of top degree colleges in the state of Karnataka. Moreover the college is known throughout for its state of the art libraries, lecture rooms, labs, computer centres and everything else needed to mould its students into professionals.

Surana College Fee Structure: The college has one of the most attractive fees for the courses offered. Both undergraduate and postgraduate programmes are attractively priced. The range of course fees is easily stomached by students from all backgrounds. Moreover students have a number of options to reduce financial burden by way of scholarships and education loans as well.

Factors that make programme fees justified at Surana:

  • Surana has one of the strongest networks of alumni among degree colleges in Bangalore. Many of these individuals are recognised throughout industry and are capable of giving sound guidance as far as career development is concerned.
  • Overall the placements report at Surana is quite promising with students securing their future in the top firms in India. Surana College Placements make way for good ROIs for its students.
  • Surana institute has been recognised by the top government bodies and has received a number of accreditations at the national and international levels
  • Surana degree college Hostels provided to students rival the best in Bangalore.
  • Provision for scholarships have also been made.
  • Surana has two campuses that are state of the art and fully functional meeting stringent standards.
  • A distinguished Faculty who are a part of the alumni of the top institutions in the country.
  • Surana degree college is frequented every year by a number of firms especially in the MNC category.

These days education has become an indispensable part of one’s life and an expensive asset. Many students are in search of financial assistance to pursue the career of choice that would require a couple of years to complete. This is where Surana College Bangalore Scholarships come into use. At Surana, financial Assistance is provided to candidates that fall in the following categories:

  • Physically challenged students
  • Financially weak students
  • Sports students
  • Meritorious students
  • Students’ are provided with Accident insurance policy
  • Teacher children’s

Students who graduate from Surna are never disappointed with the fee charged by the institute as they are of the belief that it is worth every dime.

For detailed information about Surana College Admissions contact IESOnline at + 91- 9743277777

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