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Surana College Bangalore Reviews

Surana College Bangalore was established by the GDA foundation in 1995. The college is well received by the student community all over India. The college offers courses in the fields of Science, Arts, Information Technology and Commerce & Management. Surana degree college has received positive reviews in all the main fields.


Surana degree college’s academic performance is quite exemplary. Students from the institute have scored ranks at the University exams on a consistent basis. This is a great sign that the college is on the right track academically. Faculty at Surana are highly qualified with degrees from the best colleges in the country. Teachers here focus on both academics as well as professional development of their students as well. The institute brings in a practically oriented teaching model which has to a great extent improved the quality of education here.


The administration has taken great care to preserve the hostels for students. With a vast range to pick from, food is also fairly excellent. The food, lodging, and reviews of Surana College are excellent. For its residents, the hostels here offer a high level of protection. To encourage learning, the hostel administration is committed to sustaining an academically sound atmosphere even within the hostels.


Faculties at Surana have been held in high regard. They are to a great extent responsible for maintaining the quality of education at the college. These teachers are highly qualified individuals with a ton of experience at the industry level. Another big advantage for students. Out a number of factors that affect quality of education. Faculty perhaps plays the most crucial role. Having industry experience and being constantly updated gives them the much needed edge to delivering the right information and training to students. Teachers here are held in high regard.


Surana institute has two campuses and each campus has adequate infrastructure facilities. They even have separate state of the art libraries. The quality of lecture rooms, presentation rooms, auditoriums, libraries, computer centres and laboratories are on par with the highest standards in industry. Moreover the GDA foundation makes it a priority to make necessary investments to remain updated with the latest developments in the area of infrastructure.


With more and more firms coming to the campuses each year Surana provides its students a unique chance to secure their careers in multinational firms and private companies of their choice. Surana placement cell occupies a central position when it comes to training and placement. The college has some of the biggest names in the industry in its recruiters list. Moreover Bangalore as an IT city offers a lot more opportunities to students than most other locations across the country. The packages offered by different firms vary depending on the type of firm and job role that comes along with it.

Fees Structure:

Fees for the different programmes at Surana degree college is within limits that make it quite justified. Students receive extra support through the different scholarship programmes and loans made available. Surana College Fee Structure makes great economic sense due to the number of opportunities that students get by completing their respective courses here.

Campus Life:

The college is an atmosphere filled with the perfect balance of learning and fun. Students are bound to enjoy their stay at the Surana campuses. The college focuses on extracurricular activities which are very important in the lives of any student. The cultural landscape is extremely diverse with students from various communities and backgrounds.


Overall the reviews for Surana College Fee Structure is good. Two and a half decades of extremely good management has raised the institute to new heights. This is an institute that has many accreditations and recognitions like the NAAC, NABCB, IAO, ISO etc. Adding to its already appealing image.

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Reviews of Surana College, Bangalore given by many students are like this: The college features a vast campus with an organized infrastructure. Along with the exceptional educational opportunities, the college offers students a number of facilities.

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