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Sushrutha Ayurveda Reviews

Sushrutha Ayurvedic Medical College & Hospital is a pioneer institute for delivering high quality Ayurveda education alongside Ayurveda treatment. The institute was set up in the year 2002 in Bangalore. The college in the year 2012 relocated to the campus of S-VYASA ‘PRASHANTHI KUTIRAM’. Over the years the college has witnessed a number of breakthroughs in its development of infrastructure and also across a number of disciplines of Ayurveda as well. Those students aspiring to become Ayurvedic doctors have come from all across the globe giving Sushrutha a preference over many other institutes.

Sushrutha Ayurvedic medical College reviews have been given below:

Campus life:

The college has a beautiful and massive campus spanning 100 acres. The campus is very lively with the aesthetics of a traditional ayurvedic institute with a fusion of modern technology. The campus also has a fully functional ayurvedic hospital which helps treat patients and teach students at the same time. Life in the campus is great with a pleasant atmosphere. The campus also has a large amount of its area under the cultivation of ayurvedic or medicinal plants that bear use for the researchers at the institute. Overall campus life at Sushrutha is really good.


Sushrutha College Bangalore is popularly known among students for the academic prowess of its students. The quality of education imparted at Sushrutha is second to none. As far as the state of Karnataka is concerned the college occupies a very strong position.


The ayurvedic institute has some of the best facilities in its class. The laboratories are state of the art with the latest equipment. The college is very adamant when it comes to maintaining high quality of its education via the use of technology and employing innovative methods. The ayurvedic college also boasts a fully functional hospital for the treatment of its patients. This also gives its students much needed hands-on experience in the field.

Fees Structure:

Sushrutha ayurvedic medical college fees structure is considered extremely reasonable given what students stand to gain by way of job opportunities. There are a number of opportunities for students from Sushrutha after graduation from the college. The value of the BAMS degree is quite high given that the institute has such good faculty and infrastructure to its name.


The hostel facilities at Sushrutha are very good. All accommodations are well maintained and designed to ensure student comfort that promotes a sense of learning. The hostel facilities are extremely secure with guards 24/7. The food served in the messes are nutritionally balanced and prepared hygienically. Ragging is strictly prohibited and action is taken against violators.


Sushrutha Ayurvedic Medical College Ranking has made great progress in part due to its sound faculty. The faculty at Sushrutha seems to be highly qualified experts who have specialized in the various fields of Ayurveda. BAMS students find their faculties to be teachers with great guideship skills who promote an experiential learning process.

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