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T. John College Reviews

T John College Bangalore Reviews helps students to understand the value and academic worth of the college they wish to enrol in. Reviews are shared by the current students and alumni of their overall experiences during their study period which include courses, faculty pool, facilities and infrastructure. The syllabus and the professors hardly need any mention. They are the best in their field and effectively guide students through different academic hurdles. The alumni network acts as a bridge between the college and the industry. It is a place where students are empowered to inspire, create and make difference of something of great value. As one of the top private institution, T John offers everything in its campus which are necessary for students – from academic opportunities, best resources, vibrant campus life and so on.

T John College Reviews are predominantly based on the following factors:


All the institutions under T John are equipped with modern infrastructure which includes smart classrooms, audio-visuals, auditorium, with comfortable furniture, latest projection system. The college boasts of top notch infrastructure which is in parallel with global colleges. It is popular for its huge campus, student centres different institutions, library, sports facilities, etc.


The library provides INTERNET browsing facilities for staff and students, with various e-resources like e-journals, e-books. There is also provision of newspapers, periodicals which are available in the reading room.

Cultural festivals:

The college holds numerous cultural activities like fashion show, painting, and various other competitions. This is not just about fun but it also augments a students’ learning experience. It helps students to get recognition for their talents on a greater scale.


The college encourages various inter sports competitions like football, cricket, athletics, etc. because this kind of activities builds discipline, teaches to take how to deal with disappointment as there will be numerous cases in real life, encourages higher standards of achievement.Sports also help students to prepare for T John College Placements.

Anti-ragging Cell:

They look into any matter of ragging (if) conducted within the college premises. Ragging is punishable by law and any candidate if proven guiltycan be debarred from appearing in any University exams.

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T John College provides a wide range of facilities for students, including well-equipped classrooms, libraries, laboratories, sports facilities, transportation, and hostels.

The student-teacher ratio at T John College varies depending on the course and department. However, the college aims to maintain a low student-teacher ratio to provide individual attention to each student.

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