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Terna Medical College Fee

Students considering applying in medical school understand how prohibitive the admissions process can be. Tough competition and high tuition fees for medical college programs means many potential doctors get left behind. But it is not the case for Terna Medical College where medical career is attainable to everyone with the commitment and ability to succeed. The fees of the medical school are set according to the University guidelines and are reviewed annually.

Students need to pay their admission fees prior to the beginning of each semester. All students paying their fees are entitled to the educational related services and facilities offered by the college like a library, lab room, etc. The college is committed to making a quality medical education affordable for every student. As its mission is to offer accessible medical education, therefore, the finance committee maintained the fees as convenient as possible and thereby students can start their medical career without debt. Loans are available to the students who require them.

Except for the processing fees, the rest of the expenses are required to be paid every year at the allotted dated without delay. The caution money deposit is refundable.

Terna Medical College Fee Structure (MBBS)

Processing Fee:

  • For open category processing fee is Rs.1,500/-
  • OBC/SEBC/EWS/EBC category it is Rs.1,500/-
  • VJ/ NT/ SBC category it is Rs.1,500/-
  • SC/ ST category NRI/ Institution it is Rs.1,500/-
  • NRI/ Institution it is Rs.1,500/-

Tuition Fee:

  • For open category, the tuition fee is Rs.6,36,364/-
  • OBC/SEBC/EWS/EBC category it is Rs.3,18,182/-
  • VJ/ NT/ SBC category it is NIL
  • SC/ ST category it is NIL
  • NRI/ Institution it is Rs.31,81,820/-

Development Fees:

  • For open category, the tuition fee is Rs.63636/-
  • OBC/SEBC/EWS/EBC category it is Rs.63636/-
  • VJ/ NT/ SBC category it is Rs.63636/-
  • SC/ ST category it is NIL
  • NRI/ Institution it is Rs.3,18,180/-

Caution Money Deposit:

  • For open category, the tuition fee is Rs.20,000/-
  • OBC/SEBC/EWS/EBC category it is Rs.20,000/-
  • VJ/ NT/ SBC category it is Rs.20,000/-
  • SC/ ST category it is Rs.20,000/-
  • NRI/ Institution it is Rs.20,000/-

Grand Total:

  • For open category, the tuition fee is Rs.7,21,500/-
  • OBC/SEBC/EWS/EBC category it is Rs.4,03,318/-
  • VJ/ NT/ SBC category it is Rs.85,136/-
  • SC/ ST category it is Rs.21,500/-
  • NRI/ Institution it is Rs.35,21,500/-

*Fees are subjected to change.

Hostel fees in Terna can vary depending on whether it is single or sharing occupancy. Nutritious food is available to students three times a day. They get the option of vegetarian and non vegetarian food and can choose according to their preference. There are 3 hostels allotted to the students of non-residents of Karnataka of which 2 are for girls and 1 is for boys. It provides decent, hygienic and homely ambience with all amenities for living, dining and recreation so that students can concentrate on their studies which has a positive impact on intellectual stimulation and balanced growth.

  • Students need to pay Rs.65000/- for hostel per year, and
  • Deposit of Rs.15,000/- is refundable

Terna College of Physiotherapy Reviews is great as stated by the students and alumni of the college. Every year hundreds of applications for admissions are submitted to the college to get enrolled in the UG and PG programs offered by the college. Physiotherapy course is offered in different college (Terna College of Physiotherapy) which falls under the Terna Trust domain. Both the colleges i.e. Terna Medical and Terna Physiotherapy provides affordable fees for their respective courses as their main priority is to impart quality education, professional knowledge available in the field and also ensure strong character building and good ethical practice without the students facing any financial burden.

For further details on Terna Medical College Admission visit IESOnline.

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