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Nursing College Rankings

Bangalore has one of the best nursing colleges in the country. Bangalore is not just any city, it is the Information Technology centre of India and to a great extent the world. Over the past couple of decades a huge amount of investments by multinational firms have increased the rate at which this city has been growing. With such growth comes the need for infrastructure like great education establishments and medical facilities. Bangalore’s IT boom has had spillover effects into the medical domain as well. Today there are a number of colleges in the city and the Best Nursing Colleges In Bangalore are among the most sought after destinations for aspiring nursing students throughout the country.

Getting admitted into one of the top institutes is not an easy task. Every year millions of applicants try their luck to land an admission into the top nursing colleges here. But the admissions department at these colleges are usually overwhelmed with applications that only a handful make it beyond the screen phase. In any case top colleges have always been the fancy of aspiring students. They have and even today remains the favourite choice for students all over the nation alike. There are a number of factors at play when evaluating a college. Nursing College Rankings are influenced by the following factors.

  • College history like inception, heritage etc.
  • Education provided and its quality
  • Quality of students completing the programmes
  • The kind of Infrastructure and facilities provided by the Institute
  • How well the administration takes care of Student welfare
  • Strength of its alumni network and tie ups
  • The expertise of its teaching staff
  • The reputation of management who governs the college

All the parameters mentioned above are just some of them but important in evaluating an entire college. For any student it is a dream come true to be part of a highly reputable campus. It is also to be noted that many reputed nursing colleges have a solid alumni network. This is of great importance as students can leverage this to his/her advantage when it comes to the job hunting phase.

Top 10 Nursing Colleges In Bangalore

  • RV College of Nursing
  • St John’s College Of Nursing
  • Sapthagiri Institute of Allied Sciences
  • Acharya Institute of Health Science
  • Sarvodaya College Of Nursing
  • Vydehi Institute Of Nursing
  • Dayananda Sagar College of Nursing Bangalore
  • Padmashree College Of Nursing
  • Koshys College Of Nursing
  • Indo-Asian Academy

The above mentioned colleges are known throughout the country. Students from all parts of India become part of the campuses here in Bangalore. It is to be noted that students from abroad also make it to these campuses in order to pursue nursing courses here. Indian nurses are held in high regard even in international markets. Many see the profession of nursing as a way to secure their lives.

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AIIMS, NIMS University, CMC, Acharya Institute, Madras medical college, Jawaharlal Institute of postgraduate medical research and education.

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