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Top Allied Health Science Colleges in Bangalore

Are you planning about studying Allied health sciences in Bangalore? The best part is that there is a wide range of career opportunities available in this field. The Allied health courses in Bangalore offer a diverse range of specializations and professions.

The majority of students are unaware of the promising career opportunities in allied health sciences. With allied health degrees, students can easily build an excellent career. Furthermore, allied health degrees provide them with an excellent opportunity to work in hospitals and clinics alongside MBBS doctors. The demand for allied health science courses has been increasing in the last 5 to 10 years and it continues to increase in the future.

Why Allied Health Science in Bangalore?

Recent years have taught us the value of healthcare professionals, especially in Silicon cities like Bangalore. Medical is a noble profession and a thriving career because the demand for doctors or medical practitioners will never decrease.

There are several top allied health science colleges in Bangalore that offer different specializations which you can take up to enter the medical industry. Know all the allied science courses to increase your opportunities to get admission to one of the best Allied Health Sciences Colleges in Bangalore.

Top Allied Health Science Colleges in Bangalore Admission

The Allied Health Science Colleges in Bangalore have designed B.Sc Allied Health Science programs with various specializations to provide graduates with the knowledge, skills, and values required to advance in the allied health profession, as well as to meet societal and healthcare delivery demands.

To seek admissions at a top institute for Allied Health Sciences in Bangalore, students should have completed 10+2 from a recognized Board with Physics, Chemistry, and Biology/ Mathematics as compulsory subjects and a minimum aggregate score of 50% and a valid entrance exam score.

Top Allied Health Science Colleges in Bangalore Placements

B.Sc Allied Health Science Colleges in Bangalore maintains employment opportunities and arranges campus recruitment process interviews for final-year students in their respective colleges, as well as internship opportunities for pre-final-year students. The students are well prepared for the various interview processes. The Allied health science colleges in Bangalore have a successful placement record of 100% of its students and are constantly improving their placement tactics in accordance with current industry standards.

Following are a few of the companies which visit the Allied Health Sciences Bangalore Colleges campus placements.

Abbott Voltas Bioclinica
Medplus Medlife Novartis
Himalaya Strides Acrolab Syngene
Spectrum Consultants Merck Microlabs
GSK Indegene Strides Acrolab Fresenius Kabi HFFC

Allied Health Science Courses in Bangalore

The Allied Health Science courses are useful for developing in-depth knowledge of the health sciences as well as the theoretical foundation required for future study careers in a variety of health disciplines. It equips graduates with the knowledge, skills, and values needed to advance in the allied health profession, meet societal and healthcare delivery demands, and work in a variety of settings with diverse patients, families, and communities.

Below is the list of Allied Health Science Courses widely offered in colleges in Bangalore:

Undergraduate Programs:

  • B.Sc in Anesthesia Technology & Operation Theatre Technology
  • B.Sc in Renal Dialysis Technology
  • B.Sc in Radiotherapy
  • B.Sc in Medical Imaging Technology
  • B.Sc in Medical Laboratory Technology
  • B.Sc in Optometry
  • B.Sc in Perfusion Technology
  • B.Sc in Cardiac Care Technology
  • B.Sc in Respiratory Technology
  • B.Sc in NeuroScience
  • B.Sc in Emergency Medicine Technology
  • B.Sc in Medical Record Technology
  • B.Sc in Critical Care Technology
  • B.Sc in Nutrition & Dietetics
  • B.Sc in Forensic Science

Diploma Programs:

  • Diploma in X-Ray Technology
  • Diploma in Operation Theatre Technology & Anaesthesia Technology
  • Diploma in Dialysis Technology
  • Diploma in Medical Lab Technology
  • Diploma in Ophthalmic Technology

Postgraduate Programs:

  • M.Sc in Cellular & Molecular Oncology
  • M.Sc in Molecular Medicine & Stem Cell Technology
  • M.Sc in Medical Lab Technology
  • M.Sc in Cancer Biology

The 3-year graduate degree in Allied Health Sciences is called BSc Allied Health Sciences. Bachelor of Allied Health Science is a popular three-year undergraduate program that creates a separate stream of healthcare professionals.

Professionals in the Allied Health Science program are an essential part of the medical team, contributing their expertise to the preventive, curative, and rehabilitative care of patients.

The 3-year bachelor's degree healthcare program provides students with the best learning environment possible. Graduates are prepared for positions in supervision, management, and education.

Top B.Sc Allied Health Science Courses in Bangalore

1. B.Sc Perfusion Technology:

BSc Perfusion Technology Colleges in Bangalore offer a 3-year undergraduate course for students to enter the medical industry. Perfusion technology is the study of the physiology and pathology of the human lungs and other respiratory organs.

2. B.Sc Renal Dialysis Technology:

Bachelor of Science in Renal Dialysis Technology is a three-year undergraduate degree in paramedical sciences. Top allied health colleges in Bangalore offer renal dialysis courses. The course is designed to prepare students to provide hemodialysis treatments to patients with renal failure under the supervision of a nurse or physician.

3. BSc. Anesthesia Technology:

B.Sc. in Anaesthesia Technology is a 3-year full-time undergraduate degree program. This course is chosen by students who wish to learn about anesthesia equipment, anesthesia agents, techniques as well as dosage in order to ensure better monitoring of the patient.

4. B.Sc. Optometry:

B.Sc in Optometry colleges in Bangalore offer a 3-year full-time undergraduate degree program in optometry. A bachelor's degree in optometry provides extensive training and medical knowledge about the human eye. Aside from teaching the fundamentals of the human eye, this course will also teach how to operate various types of medical equipment that every optometry student and practitioner should be familiar with.

5. B.Sc in Radiotherapy:

B.Sc Radiotherapy is a 3-year undergraduate course that imparts knowledge about radiation therapy to treat cancer and other diseases with ionizing radiation. The main aim of this course is to instill skills and knowledge related to radiotherapy. B.Sc Radiotherapy colleges in Bangalore train students as radiotherapy professionals and there is a wide scope for the same.

6. B.Sc in Cardiac Care Technology:

B.Sc in Cardiac Care Technology is a 3-year undergraduate course. Cardiovascular care is an allied health science course in medicine, and cardiac care technologists assist physicians during invasive cardiovascular testing. Cardiovascular care technologists assist physicians in inserting tubes into patients' blood vessels.

7. B.Sc in Medical Imaging Technology:

B.Sc in Medical Imaging Technology is a 3-year undergraduate course. Candidates interested in performing diagnostics with radiations can take admitted to the course. Internal images of the human body must be taken by the students. They will use radiation to create images of the human body's hidden parts that are not visible to the naked eye.

8. B.Sc in Medical Laboratory Technology:

B.Sc in Medical Laboratory Technology is a 3-year undergraduate course. The course is also known as clinical laboratory science in allied health sciences. Students are taught how to use clinical methods and laboratory tests to treat, diagnose, and prevent diseases. They are also trained to operate and maintain various medical testing equipment such as CT scanners, X-ray machines, and MRI machines.

9. B.Sc in Respiratory Technology:

B.Sc in Respiratory Technology Colleges in Bangalore offers a 3-year undergraduate program in Respiratory Technology. The course prepares students to evaluate, diagnose, and treat respiratory disorders using appropriate equipment. The key focus of respiratory therapists is to assist physicians in various treatment procedures such as patient evaluation, diagnosis, treatment, and rehabilitation.

Top Allied Health Science Colleges in Bangalore

Many top universities/colleges in Bangalore offer BSc Allied Health Science courses to candidates who have passed their class XII examinations from a recognized board. The following are some of the top allied health science colleges in Bangalore.

Sl No Allied Health Colleges in Karnataka
1 Varadaraja Paramedical College, Tumkur
2 Harsha Institutions, Bangalore
3 R R Institutions, Bangalore
4 Manjushree Group of Institutions, Bangalore
5 Dayananda Sagar University, Bangalore
6 Goutham College, Bangalore
7 Prakruthi College of Allied Health Sciences, Kolar
8 Hillside Group of Institutions, Bangalore
9 Raja Rajeswari Medical College, Bangalore
10 MVM College of Allied Health Sciences, Bangalore
11 Jupiter Group of Institutions, Bangalore
12 Sapthagiri Institute of Medical Science & Research Centre, Bangalore
13 Sri Devraj Urs Medical College, Bangalore
14 Akash Medical College, Bangalore
15 Channegowda Group of Institutions, Kolar
16 Bharathi Medical College, Mysore
17 Suyog Group of Institutions, Mysore
18 Oxford Medical College Hospital & Research Centre, Bangalore
19 M S Ramaiah University, Bangalore
20 Vydehi Institute of Medical Sciences & Research Institute, Bangalore
21 East Point College of Medical Science & Research Centre, Bangalore
22 JSS Medical College, Mysore
23 BGS Global Institute of Allied Health Science, Bangalore
24 School of Allied Healthcare & Sciences (Jain University), Bangalore

Explore all the top allied science colleges in Bangalore and make the most of your potential!

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