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Vijaybhoomi University Karjat Courses

VijaybhoomiUniversity has emerged as a designatedcenter of academic excellence near the Mumbai city of Maharashtra. It has adopted a very unique curriculum for educating the students. Vijaybhoomi University Courses provides multi-disciplinary education in the field of Commerce, IT, Designing, Law etc. across number of specializations. The courses are offered for grad and postgrad aspirants. The programs have witnessed a huge popularity among the students in Maharashtra. Even students from length and breadth of country wish to enroll into the courses provided by this university supported by a unique state-of-art infrastructure.

The UG and PG programs provided to the students are well recognized by the University Grants Commission, UGC and also approved from respective statutory councils. The course-curriculum is very unique at this university wherein the students are allowed to choose and experience courses of level1 and level2provided across various schools at the universityfor the first 2 years. The first two years is meant for discovering the area of interest and later students are aligned with the multiple intelligence frameworks in the higher academic years. This unique curriculum structure aids students in choosing the right course/ specialization to pursue their career aspirations across various industries and MNCs. Such a unique feature of education has also added feathers to the Vijaybhoomi University Ranking.

The curriculum architecture is separated across three levels. The courses are quite modular and designed with a unique pedagogy such that students can achieve their desired learning outcome. The level1 can be opted without any specified prerequisites where students discover the area/domain and the level2 & level3 are higher semester programs that help students in associating their degree with minors and majors of their choice.

The university has 6 schools of learning center where students can pursue their chosen program -

1. Business: This school provides the students with a Bachelor's degree in business administration and commerce across various specializations. Both the degree program are 3 year duration course. Students are taught about the current market scenario, economy, financing and marketing in the administration and management of country. The degree program with specializations mentioned below -

  • BBA (Bachelor of Business Administration)
    • Analytics
    • Marketing and Sales
    • Finance & Banking
    • Compliance & Law
    • LLB (Corporate Law, Tech law)
  • B.Com (Bachelor of Commerce)
    • Accounting
    • Compliance & Law


Science & Math

: This school provides a UG degree in Bachelor of Science which is a 3 year duration course. This course is offered across specializations in -

  • B.Sc (Bachelor of Science)
    • Applied Physics
    • Mathematics
    • Statistics
    • Chemistry

3. Law: This school of learning offers the students with a bachelor degree in law which is 3 year duration course. It also offers a dual specialized integrated program in BBA+LLB for 5 year duration.

  • LLB (Bachelor of Legislative Law)
  • BBA+LLB (Bachelor of Business Administration + Bachelor of Legislative Law)

4. Data Science: Students are offered with a BS and MS degree in data science. This course is a very emerging and innovative one. The degree with specializations are -

  • BS (Bachelor of Science)
    • Healthcare
    • Ratail
    • Finance & Banking
    • Pharmaceuticals
  • MS (Master of Science)
    • Data Science
    • Digital Business & Analytics
  • BE (Bachelor of Engineering)
    • Artificial Intelligence

5. Humanities & Arts: The Students interested in the field of arts can choose to study at this school as it offers a graduate degree in liberal arts for a duration of four years.

  • BLA (Bachelor of Liberal Arts)
    • Economics & Business
    • Performing Arts
    • Music
    • History

6. Design: This is a very demanded school for the programs it offer in the field of designing. Willing students can pursue a bachelor as well as master degree in designing provided for 4 years and 2 years respectively. Students seeking to pursue bachelor program should mandatorily look for Vijaybhoomi University Fee Structure for the same. The specializations in the bachelor program are -

  • B.Des (Bachelor of Design)
    • Communication Design
    • Product Design
  • M.Des (Master of Design)

For more detailed information about Vijaybhoomi University Admissions Contact IESOnline.

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