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Vijaybhoomi University Fee

  • The programme fee is calculated on a per-credit basis.
  • Each course is given a specific number of credits. Every professional degree specifies the number of credits that must be successfully earned from relevant course baskets.
  • The tuition fee of the program is determined by the number of credits a student takes in a given term is multiplied by the average cost per credit for all terms
  • Each student take a minimum of 40 credits per year, regardless of whether or not the student decides to take a lighter load, the student will be charged for 40 credits. However, if a student chooses to take more than 40 credits in a year, they will be charged more in accordance with the additional course load and the current credit rate.
  • In most cases, a student who takes 40 credits each year would be able to earn a professional degree.
  • The price per credit for courses for students admitted in the academic year 2023–2024 has been set at INR 10,000 for Indian students

The fee structure for the various courses are:

Course (s) Fees
International BBA 10,000 per credit
Integrated BBA MBA- 21 lacs + hostel fees
B.Mus (Hons.) Music Production 160 credits (40 per year)
B.Tech Sound Engineering 160 credits (40 per year)
B.Mus (Hons.) Contemporary Performancec 160 credits (40 per year)
B.Mus (Hons.) Music Production & Performance 180 credits (45 per year) Artificial Intelligence 180 credits
B.E. Computer Science Minimum 180
BBA LLB 200 credits (40 per year)
B.E. Software Engineering 180 credits
B.Desig 180

The university works with an aim to inspire young and talented minds to be the world's future leaders. Each year Vijaybhoomi University Scholarship program offers up to 100% scholarship to the students who have excelled in the academics. Also the students who have performed extraordinarily in sports and other curricular activities are also provided with scholarship and free-ship schemes running through the college. The exceptional students are offered scholarship on behalf of the "Padode Foundation". The scholarships provided for all the undergraduate courses.

  • Students who have scored 95% or more in 10th and 12thstandard are in the Super Scholar category and provided with 100% waiver on tuition fee.
  • Students who have scored 90% or more in 10th and 12thstandard are provided with 70% of fee waiver.
  • Students who have scored 80% or more in 10th and 12thstandard are provided with 50% of fee waiver.

Students are also provided with separate accommodation at Vijaybhoomi University Hostel campus. The university offers residential facility to both boys and girls. The hostel rooms are well-ventilated and spacious for the students to reside comfortably. The rooms are provided on first come first serve basis. During the time of joining, students are given a chair, a table, a cupboard, a mattress and a bed as basic needs. Students can avail all the infrastructural facilities provided within like 24/7 hot water supply, RO drinking water and many others as well. Also all the rooms are equipped with a high speed Wi-Fi access. The hostel mess provided very healthy and nutritious food to the students. Also the cooking area is always kept clean and hygienic.

For more detailed information about Vijaybhoomi University Admissions Contact IESOnline.

Yes, the fee structure at VIJAYBHOOMI UNIVERSITY is different for Indian and Foreign students.
In addition to the tuition fee, there may be additional fees such as hostel fees, laboratory fees, library fee, and other miscellaneous fees.

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