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Vydehi College of Physiotherapy Courses

Through the Vydehi College of Physiotherapy Courses students will investigate the physical, structural and physiological aspects of the human form and undertake a combination of theoretical, clinical and practical units to provide students with a comprehensive understanding of their chosen field. The courses highlight professional development and strong interpersonal skills to help them develop a patient-centred approach to practise. Students will be made acquainted with evidence-based approach to prevent, treat and rehabilitate injuries using hands-on treatment, exercises and lifestyle advice. The coursework has been designed to enable students to develop their professional physiotherapy knowledge and skills. The college is committed to making educational and experiential opportunities attainable to every interested participant throughout the country.

Courses are offered in:

  • Bachelors in Physiotherapy (BPT)
  • Masters in Physiotherapy (MPT)

The courses are recognized by Indian Association of Physiotherapist which aims to advance physiotherapy practise by providing outstanding bachelor level and post-graduate level education, training the future rehabilitation researchers and workers of this profession. Vydehi College of Physiotherapy Admission is rigorous and rewarding; as a result students right after they graduate, they serve as certified healthcare professional either in hospitals, fitness and mental health centres as physiotherapists or set up their clinic. Due to the colleges’ recognition for imparting modern, challenging, yet rewarding quality education in physiotherapy students wishes to be a part of this campus and acquire knowledge from the best of the professionals who are experts in their fields.

Here students will be taught to ace the crucial skills of patient and professional communication so that they can operate effectively in practice. The course also seeks to develop leadership skills which are important in healthcare practise, management, research and advocacy.

For further details on Vydehi College of Physiotherapy Admission visit IESOnline

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