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Vydehi Institute of Allied Health Sciences Reviews

From Vydehi Institute of Allied Health Sciences Course Reviews, it can be established that the college is renowned for its comprehensive programme which exceeds national and state requirements for classroom preparation and imparting special skills, knowledge, and teamwork concepts for students to be successful in their career. The syllabus is designed to take a students’ skills to the next level and prepares them for leadership roles in any healthcare setting. The reviews are mostly published by the students or alumni who are or were a part of the institution and have shared their experience of college life in many online portals and sometime on prints. The reviews shared can be positive and negative which is based on their experiences.


The college has a well ventilated, spacious administrative block, lab, hostel and library block. The lecture theatre of Vydehi of equipped audio-visual aids like overheads projector, LCD, etc. and is shared by all departments systematically. It also has a research facility that is home to an integrated museum with multimedia theatre and a well-stocked library. Students can enjoy such world-class facilities by paying an affordable, Vydehi Institute of Allied Health Sciences Fees.


There is a cafeteria in the basement of the administrative building which caters to administrative staff and students.

Central Library:

It can accommodate 900 students at a time and provide access to a range of database on e-resources and OPAC-related access to its vast collection. It has a stock of 21,960 medical books and 20,200 bound volume journals with a subscription to 166 Indian periodicals and 84 foreign periodicals. Besides the main library, there are also departmental libraries in every 36 departments with a total of 4387 books available in these.

Lecture Theatre:

There is 6 lecture theatre in college block out of which 5 has a seating capacity of 300 students each and one lecture theatre in the hospital with 300 students seating capacity. All the lecture theatre are systematically shared by all the department.


The college provides various sports facilities for indoor and outdoor games like volleyball, basketball, tennis, carom, chess, etc. it also has the facility of gymnasiums with a treadmill, gazelles, hydrotherapy pool, etc.


There are various committees that look after the welfare of the students and help them to distress and provide psychological adjustment and academic support.

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Keep an eye out for reviews that offer detailed explanations, fair judgements, and insightful criticism.

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