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Symbiosis BBA

Symbiosis BBA Course is exclusive and different from the BBA Course offered by other colleges.The course is devised to be very rigorous in its academic and co-curricular activities. The curriculum includes multifarious methodology of teaching. Students are provided a platform for international exposure through regular internship opportunities and placement training programs. The staff and management always go all-out to bring the best out of the students at Symbiosis.

The curriculum has been designed to allow elasticity to the students to choose streams of their choice resulting in the honor of a general BBA degree or BBA with single or dual specialization. Symbiosis University BBA is promoting international understanding through excellence in education, enhance employability and bestow to human resource development and health & wellness amongst students, staff & community.

BBA in Symbiosis provides an agenda such that a student can choose from the basket of courses of six different stream specializations offered under BBA.

  • Human Resource Management
  • Marketing Management
  • International Business
  • Accounting and Finance
  • Environment Management
  • Entrepreneurship

The programs assist visits by students and faculty to learn about the business, Global issues, environment related topics. Cultural events, conferences with business personals, and visits to various industrial and business enterprises across the country were also included along with Internships abroad.SCMS provide opportunity to our students to do an internship abroad in order to show them a corporate experience in foreign country. The total intake for BBA Course in Symbiosis is 300.The seats include provision for 240 Indian Students and 60 Non Indian Students.

Symbiosis BBA Placements are also extensively good. Students are exposed to the corporate world through several competence building programs, workshops, conferences, seminars, guest lectures, group discussions, mock personal interviews etc.

Apart from the fundamental and focused curriculum, SCMS provides a prospect to students to go abroad under Global Immersion Program (GIP) for Summer school, Study tour, Semester exchange and Service learning. This provision has been initiated by SCMS and in discussion with SCIE as per SIU given strategy. Under this scheme the students get an opportunity to learn abroad at the Partner Universities of Symbiosis. The SCMS students may go to a summer school which lasts for two to four weeks in duration. The summer schools are held in summer or spring. Semester IV is well-known as GIP semester. In today's globalized world such exposure at the Under Graduate level is important to outline the young minds to become better universal citizens.

The College also offers various Faculty Research and Development opportunities to keep the faculty updated with modern techniques and methodologies of teaching. Students and faculty are also encouraged to publish research papers. Symbiosis BBA program provides all facilities required for the overall development of the students.

For more information on Symbiosis BBA Admission, visit IESOnline.

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